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The Psychology of Choosing a New Car Color

The Psychology of Choosing a New Car Color
Image by Wild Pixar from Pixabay

Do you often choose the same color when you are choosing a new car? There is a lot of psychology behind what different colors mean to you and why you are drawn to certain ones as a clear preference.

When you are searching for a car dealership in Boise, Idaho, for instance, to check what stock they have available, you might find that your eyes are instantly drawn to certain colors. If you are someone who would rather have a red car than a white one, for example, what is the psychology driving that decision?

Here is a look at how psychology plays such a role in choosing a new car color and how your personality draws you to a certain hue or shade.

When silver is your preferred choice

Silver is a classic car color, and it is very much the middle ground when it comes to car buyer’s preferences.

This color often stands for technological excellence and a touch of elegance, too. 

When you think about it, many gadgets and devices are produced in a default silver color. If you love your tech and are also a practical sort of person, these are two fundamental reasons why you might choose a car finished in silver.

Gray will be your go-to color if you don’t like to stand out from the crowd

Generally speaking, gray-colored cars don’t tend to stand out from a color perspective. Gray is a color that can be subtle and sophisticated without being too flashy.

If you are someone who is discerning but conservative, you may well be drawn to a car finished in gray.

Black is often perceived as a status symbol color

Every presidential vehicle tends to be black. That is a prime example of how black is perceived to be a color associated with status and power.

If you are someone who wants a color that combines status and elegance, you are almost certainly going to like the idea of owning a black vehicle.

What does white say about you?

Although white is a complete contrast to black, it is also a color that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

A white car shows that you are someone who is stylish and sophisticated. It is also a color that can signify wealth and opulence. You are probably someone who has good taste for things if you like driving white cars.

Red is often symbolic of energy and ambition

Some of the classic sports cars have typically been produced in an iconic red finish. It is a color that tends to suggest you like to be the center of attention and is an expression of ambition, energy, and status.

If you want to be noticed in your car, you are most likely to choose red as your color of choice.

Blue means you prefer to avoid the limelight

If your demeanor and way of thinking are more conservative, you are probably going to prefer a shade of blue for your car.

Blue is a color preferred by practical and grounded people who prefer to be away from the spotlight. The lighter the shade of blue, the less you want to be seen.

The psychology of colors is fascinating, and it impacts many of our choices. What color car is your preference, and what does it say about you?

Featured Image by Wild Pixar from Pixabay