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Why Sedans are Such a Popular Choice with Consumers

Today’s consumers have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from in a variety of classes. With that said, the sedan class continues to be one that is wildly popular all around the world, especially South Africa. While it may not be the class you jump to when thinking of rugged terrain, the fact is that a sedan offers all kinds of advantages. Here’s a look at reasons why the sedan is such a popular choice for consumers.

Fuel Economy You Can Get Excited About

With the price of gas always on the rise and showing no signs of dropping, fuel economy is a big issue for drivers. Not only that but people just aren’t as willing to purchase a gas-guzzler that is bad for the environment. Sedans certainly perform well in terms of fuel economy, offering drivers the best consumption on the highway and in the city.

A Sticker Price that Won’t Cause Shock

Wouldn’t it be great to shop for a vehicle and not suffer severe sticker shock? That’s what a sedan can offer thanks to the lower price tag. Chances are you’ll spend much less on that sedan over an SUV, truck, or sports car. Not only that but insurance rates tend to be cheaper on sedans, which equals more savings for you.

Surprisingly Spacious

Now what some people may find surprising is just how spacious sedans can be both in the cabin and in the trunk. You’ll have more than enough room to cart the family around, do your grocery shopping, and lug other items with you. Just take a look at a new or used Toyota Corolla, which offers ample room for all your needs.

Choose Between Manual or Automatic

If you’re the type that prefers driving a manual car, a sedan offers a number of options. There are drivers out there who just don’t feel comfortable with automatic and feel it takes away too much control.

Enjoy the Modern Designs

Where it used to be that sedans tended to be quite boxy and boring in design, today’s manufacturers have really stepped up their game. A modern sedan features gorgeous lines, unique design, and that touch of elegance usually reserved for luxury vehicles.

Simple to Manoeuvre

Some drivers aren’t interested in driving a vehicle that is large, difficult to control, and hard to park. A sedan is larger than a compact car but still small enough that it handles well and allows you to get in and out of tight spaces with ease.

Loaded with High-Tech Features

Depending on the make and model you are interested in, today’s sedans also feature a whole host of high-tech features. Some have a futuristic feel with all kinds of gadgets on the dash.

If you’ve always skipped right over sedans thinking they are too small or aren’t modern enough, it’s time to re-think your position and look at what today’s modern sedan has to offer to consumers.