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How Personal Transport Has Evolved Over the Last Five Years

How Personal Transport Has Evolved Over the Last Five Years
Image by Uliana Pinto from Pixabay

Transport modes have changed over the last decade. With newer resources at hand, everyone has been incorporating newer technology and energy-efficiency plans. As a result, the way people transport themselves has evolved from simply purchasing a car and driving themselves to their destinations. 

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Owning a car has become an extra expense. With the need to become more energy efficient, everyone has been making changes to start using cars that function using electricity or other renewable energy. 

Before we get into the automotive industry and why they have been changing how they manufacture vehicles, let’s look at the reasons for the shift in people’s preference for their transport needs. 

Reasons For The Shift In Personal Transport 

Older generations have always opted to have their own personal cars if that was possible, as this was an easier way to travel. 

With the rise of global warming and the carbon footprint, younger people have become more conscious of saving the environment and opted to make small changes in their lifestyles- this has changed transportation. 

  • Buses 

People have stopped using buses as much as they used to despite a bus being a much better option for greenhouse emissions and fuel costs. 

Few people have started using buses and opted to buy themselves electric or hybrid cars.

  • Trains 

People have started using trains more than other types of transport. Surprisingly, more people have opted to take a train than get onto a bus. 

People choose to use uber services to get around faster and without the need to find parking. They also save on the cost of fuel as they simply pay per trip. 

  • Social Media Influences Travel Methods 

Younger people are more conscious of the environment and would rather choose to use transport that eliminates carbon emissions and is safer for the environment. 

Change In The Automotive Industry 

Car manufacturers have had to start shifting to a new way of producing cars that do not fit the traditional manufacturing standards. 

This has led automotive companies to switch to become more sustainable to ensure that they stay within the new laws regarding energy consumption and keep their businesses open. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why this change has taken effect. 

Reasons Why The Automotive Industry Has Started A Sustainable Approach 

  • Consumers are changing their expectations of products.

More customers are now becoming eco-friendly and want to purchase products that are manufactured using eco-friendly methods and also do not add to the existing global warming problem. 

Older generations who have worked in automotive industries are also retiring. The newer staff are all incorporating newer technologies designed to curb carbon emissions and become energy efficient for the consumer. 

This has led to the manufacturing of electric cars and other vehicle types dependent on renewable energy instead of only producing traditional cars.  

  • Following Megatrends within the industry 

Every car manufacturer jumps on the opportunity to change with the times. This is the reason for big brands making changes to how their products operate. 

Advanced technology, however, has led to many companies replacing staff with machines that can produce the product without employing people to physically put together the product in a factory. 

This has led to employees being trained to have higher skills to operate new technology machinery. 

  • Government Sustainability Policies 

The UK government has set out laws that they want the country to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. 

This law requires all citizens and businesses to cut their carbon footprint by changing their manufacturing and lifestyle practices to become more energy-efficient and control their energy.  


People have changed how they move around to save on expenses and create a healthier environment. 

With transport being one of the biggest contributors to pollution and other health factors such as causing disease and illnesses, a green alternative has to be chosen. 

The reasons listed above highlight why personal transport has evolved over the last five years and how businesses adapt to the change made by consumers and the government. 

Featured Image by Uliana Pinto from Pixabay