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Why Young People Are Choosing To Play Bingo Over Stereotypes


There was a time when bingo was seen as a pastime for the elderly, an ‘uncool’ game played by retired folk on a wet Thursday afternoon. To outsiders, bingo was riddled with unflattering stereotypes. It was perceived as a game for the archetypal ‘bingo grannies’, those large groups of old ladies said to haunt the bingo halls with their hair permed, hearing aids tuned to hear mildly flirtatious banter and pens hovering ready to mark off the numbers as they were called. It was, arguably, seen as the dull, uninteresting preserve of the retired.

But the image of bingo has been changing dramatically in recent years, and the under 30s are now shunning such stereotypes and embracing bingo for the fun, lively and tradition-rich game we’ve always known it to be. This shift in attitudes is thanks in large part to bingo’s incredible ability to adapt – from a game played in large halls, it’s now become a game played on small screens. You can even win big like this man.

Almost certainly the best bingo app on the market comes courtesy of Wink Bingo this app can be credited with having opened the game up to an entirely new demographic, giving bingo a new lease of life among teenagers and adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Wink Bingo’s app is giving younger generations who have grown up with technology at their fingertips an opportunity to play bingo from the comfort of their own homes, giving newcomers a chance to experience the game for the first time and get to grips with the bingo lingo at their own pace.

The Wink Bingo app is bringing the game alive to youngsters everywhere, and with plenty of opportunities to win big prizes, it’s easy to see why more and more people are downloading the app to their tablets and smartphones and trying their luck wherever they go. With more and more people from younger generations commuting ever greater distances, a game of Wink Bingo has become a novel and enjoyable way to pass those otherwise wasted hours on the bus or the Tube.

But why is this important?

Well, for starters because every game needs new blood to keep it relevant, and bingo has a long and proud history which shouldn’t be allowed to die out. The game’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1530, when Italians played a similar lottery-style version of the game every Saturday – and with more than 400 years’ worth of history, bingo is well used to changing shape and moving with the times.

Far from being a threat to the traditional bingo hall, the move to tablets and smartphones is injecting new life into an old tradition and capturing a new audience to carry it forward into the future. Thanks to apps like this one from Wink Bingo, younger generations are able to see well beyond the stereotypes and appreciate the game for what it truly is – one of the most fun, most exhilarating pastimes out there.