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Who and How Regulate Gambling Outside the United Kingdom

Who And How Regulate Gambling Outside the United Kingdom
Who And How Regulate Gambling Outside the United Kingdom

You need to know that the UKGC regulates all online gambling casinos in the United Kingdom. For a casino to be available for UK players, it must meet specific rules and requirements and get the UKGC license. But, who controls casinos in other parts of the globe? For players who are looking for non-UK casinos, NonGamStopSlots prepared an excellent guide about it. Let’s answer the question.

The United States and Canada

In the lack of a better word, gambling laws in the United States are extremely complicated. Each state can control and bring its own laws. Then there is the federal government that can bring new laws or controls these. As such, players must check the laws in the state where they live before starting playing. Nevada and Louisiana are two countries where you can gamble as much as you like. Of course, you know about Las Vegas and the gambling epicenter here. In most other states, some forms of gambling are allowed while others are banned. There are also the ones where you can gamble at specific sites but not all.

In Canada central government controls gambling. It is generally allowed and heavily controlled. But, each province can make massive changes and modifications to the law; hence once again, you will have to check with local authorities. In Canada, gambling is very popular, and there are some of the best casinos here. 


In Europe, the situation is very complicated. There are a lot of countries here, and each one has a unique set of rules and laws. For instance, gambling was banned in France and was banned in Italy up to 2010. In Germany, most forms of gambling are banned today, so players cannot play games at official casinos. 

In general, each country has its own law, which is unique and different from other countries have. Because of these reasons, many independent companies receive licenses from different authorities that work in the EU. If you are from Europe, you will have to look at the local laws and analyze them before you start gambling. In some cases, it may be illegal to play games. On the other hand, some countries will allow you to gamble at official casinos. 


Asia is the biggest gambling market globally and the one that has the most gamblers and most rules. But, rules and laws are different and depend on the country. For instance, in India, people can enjoy lotteries only. Other forms of gambling are illegal. In China, slots and lotteries are allowed. Hong Kong has different laws where horse racing and lotteries are legal, but other forms are not. In Singapore, gambling is illegal, which applies to Japan. 

The best place here is Macau if you like gambling. All forms of gambling are allowed here, and you can enjoy many high-end and low-end casinos. The possibilities are endless here, and you can find as many options as you like. Some people even claim that Macau is the same as Las Vegas in the United States. Many people travel from all over the world to gamble here.

Australia and New Zealand

This is a bit complicated to explain. In most cases or, better said, states here, you can gamble online, but the casinos where you will gamble must not be based in the country. In simple terms, you can play at all UK or world-known online casinos, and it is perfectly legal. But, if you want to play at an online casino based in Australia or New Zealand, it is illegal. 

It may sound confusing, but it is actually very easy and simple to understand, and in general, you are allowed to gamble and bet on any game or sport you like. These two countries are well-known for gambling. For instance, pokies or slots in Australia have a huge role and are extremely common. Yes, there are some of the best casinos here and some of the most spectacular. 


In Africa, players can enjoy the most. In 2008 the Gambling Act was brought, and this means that people can place bets as much as they like. For instance, in Nigeria, you have three land-based casinos. You can bet and gamble in Morocco as well. Sports betting is usually widely accepted and common. Other countries allow betting and gambling; hence people can enjoy without any limits and limitations.

Africa does have a lot of countries, so it is important to know the local rules and laws. We said that gambling is generally legal in Africa, but the situation may be different in your country. To avoid any issues, check with authorities. 

The Final Word 

As you were able to see, gambling is heavily controlled and regulated all over the globe. But, each country and each part of the world has its own law and rules about gambling online or in the real world. As an alternative, you can visit some popular worldwide destinations. It should give you an excellent experience. These laws change and come with countless variations and specifics. It is mandatory to check the rules and legality with your local authorities to be positive that gambling or betting, in your case, is not breaking the law.