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What Are the Heroes Powers in ‘Stargirl’?

What Are the Heroes Powers in 'Stargirl'?
Image by A Owen from Pixabay

DC’s Stargirl was renewed for a second season which will premiere on August 10th, 2021. The creator of the original comic and the show, Geoff Johns, will also have to prepare for a third season of the show, as it was just released that it was renewed again. Let’s recap the special powers and abilities each hero in the show has at their disposal to fight crime. 

1. Stargirl

Stargirl’s main powers come from the special staff that she discovered among Pat Dugan’s things after moving in with him and his son Mike. This staff, called the Cosmic Staff, was used by Starman back when he and Pat fought crime as a team. It can produce high volumes of energy and allow its possessor to fly. 

Courtney herself is in excellent shape and can perform numerous acrobatic moves with ease due to her extensive training in gymnastics. 

2. S.T.R.I.P.E

S.T.R.I.P.E is the alter ego of Pat Dugan, and it’s the name of the armor he uses while fighting alongside Courtney. This armor is 15 feet tall, and it allows Pat to fly and take on physical altercations with supervillains. Pat originally built the armor after Starman was killed, and he now uses it to protect Stargirl. 

Pat’s mechanical knowledge and skills come in handy throughout the series, and he is also skilled in physical combat from all of his years of training. 

3. Wildcat

Yolanda Montez, or Wildcat, has several helpful abilities to fight crime, including claws from her suit that can break through materials as tough as metal and brick. The suit also allows her to crawl on walls, and it helps her balance and agility abilities. Wildcat always lands on her feet, and she has excellent reflexes. 

Because Yolanda was on the school’s boxing team, she is also excellent at hand-to-hand combat, and she can sneak around without detection. 

4. Dr. Mid-Nite

Beth Chapel is known as Dr. Mid-Nite, and her special goggles allow her to have special vision abilities. These include decryption, where she can hack into anything with a password, lie detection, and object recognition. Dr. Mid-Nite also wears gloves stocked with healing equipment, like potions and salves, to heal other teammates after battles. 

Beth herself is an excellent student and is incredibly intelligent, allowing her to problem-solve her way out of many situations. Interestingly, Beth is also a highly skilled chef. 

5. Hourman

Rick Tyler, or Hourman, can activate certain powers, but only for one hour each day. These powers include superhuman strength, increased durability, and supernatural leaps. Because his powers only last for an hour, it presents a major challenge for Hourman, but he can always rely on help from the other team members when he gets into a sticky situation. 

Rick’s father, Rex Tyler, was the previous generation’s Hourman, and he is the only member of the Justice Society of America that has a solid genetic link to the original society. 

Season 2 is fast approaching, but you can stream all episodes of Season 1 on The CW. 

Featured Image by A Owen from Pixabay