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Top 6 Cool Activities with Your Inflatable Spa

Hot Tub
Photo by Mark-Christian Killick-Calver on Unsplash

Inflatable spas and Bestway pools are great in providing you rest and leisure. Not only can they help you with relaxation, stress management, and general health; they can also keep you entertained. In fact, there are various cool activities that you can enjoy doing with your blow-up spa.

Keep yourself entertained whilst spending quality time with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Below are the top 6 cool activities you CAN do with your inflatable spa:

Hot Tub
Photo by Mark-Christian Killick-Calver on Unsplash

1. Transform it into a ball pit


If you are a parent with kids, you know that keeping the little ones busy can be a challenge. With a little patience and imagination, you can stop them from fighting each other or nagging you if you keep them occupied.

Transform your inflatable spa or Bestway pool into a colourful ball pit by putting balls that they can play with inside the blow-up spa or pool. This will keep them entertained.

Remember that too much water can be unsafe for small kids. Thus, you can protect them by putting less water on your inflatable spa or by not filling it with water at all.

This is a safe and enjoyable choice for both adults and kids. By doing so, you can keep your day going and provide the little ones a great way to enjoy the day.

2. Use your inflatable spa to get a tan

After working so hard, you deserve being lazy once in a while. If it’s a balmy day, why not take the opportunity to get instant relaxation and get a tan outside using your blow-up spa?

If your inflatable spa is strategically placed in your backyard under the sun, you can just lay there with a cold drink. Keep yourself relaxed, and forget all the stress you get from work.

3. Simmer down

Whether it’s day or night, there’s nothing greater than relaxing in your backyard. The main purpose of inflatable spas is to give you ultimate relaxation.

After an unpleasant day at work, take the opportunity to simmer down in your inflatable spa and just sit there. Observe the stars whilst lying in the tub. It would actually be more enjoyable if you are accompanied by someone who is special to you.

4. Watch a movie

Another cool activity to do with your inflatable spa is to watch a film whilst relaxing in it. If you have a television placed in your patio or garden, why not invite your friends to accompany you for a movie night?

Start the movie night by enjoying a couple of drinks. You should also order delicious food or anything you and your friends can munch on, whilst watching and relaxing in your blow-up spa.  Just turn the volume down if you have neighbours nearby.

5. Read a book and relax

If you like reading, another way to use an inflatable spa is to sit on it and chill out whilst you read your choice of book. Have a cup of coffee or tea along with your favourite treats.

You can also invite some of your friends to accompany you in this “let go” activity.  You may even start a book club around the spa.

6. Play a game

If you are seeing someone and you would like to take your relationship with that person to the next level, why not have him or her over? Another fun way to get to know each other better is to play a game in your inflatable spa.

You can add some features like a candle scent to enjoy a date night in your blow-up spa. Set the mood right by providing splendid lighting and some colours. Soft lamps and standard candles are recommended to establish a romantic ambiance.

Figure out the person’s preferred food and thoughtfully include them along with some drinks. Choose and play music that sets the mood. Then, start playing the game that both of you have chosen—whether it is a guessing game or a board game.

Make your choice

Spending time with your family and friends will take your relationship to the next level. It is also important that you feel at ease in your inflatable spa to distract your attention from other activities.  Remember that your intention is to get some rest.

Just make sure you have an excellent inflatable spa that will help you achieve your goal. Luckily, OutbaxCamping offers high quality blow-up spas as well as camping gears and equipment that can last for years.

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