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Top 5 Mobile Casino Games for Real Gentlemen

Many of us enjoy a spot of online gaming on our smartphones or desktop.  It can be relaxing and a great way to switch off for a time.  But what are the most popular types of mobile casino games for the real gentlemen who enjoy a spot of risk in their gaming?


One of the most popular types of mobile casino games around the world is slots – they are easy to start with, don’t have complicated rules and there are hundreds of variations.  From the classic fruit machine to themed games with animated features and top-level computer graphics, slots are the go-to option for many gaming guys.

In addition, when you visit a new mobile casino with a dedicated app, you can even get information about the odds and payouts on the different games so you can be selective where you place your money.  Most casinos also publish a list of the house edge for these games.


A classic card game, blackjack has been reborn in the online casino world in a variety of styles and can include playing against a computer or even playing against other players through the app.  The aim of the game is to reach 21 points with going bust and has led to variations such as Pontoon that have slightly different rules as well as special gameplay aspects like split and double down.  Blackjack is a great combination of skill and random luck as players learn tricks to get the best return.


Probably the most recognizable casino game, Roulette is another to take well to the world of online casinos.  With its grid of numbers and two-color choices, the spinning wheel of the Roulette table is instantly recognizable.  You have a number of betting options including on red or black, odds or evens or even a specific number or combination.  There are even regions of the wheel that some casinos allow you to bet on and it is a classic game of luck.

Video poker

Video poker brings a live element to the classic poker game, allowing you to pit your wits against other real players through an online app.  You take five cards and decide which to keep and which to discard – these then being replaced.  If you get a winning hand, you receive the prize.  There’s a lot of strategies involved with poker and more than a bit of psychology too. Especially, in online poker in PA, as this card game is the most popular in this state.


Baccarat is always familiar to James Bond fans as the game often features in the movies.  You receive just two cards with aces being low, numbers worth their value, and high cards adding zero.  The aim is to add the values to a maximum of nine.  Some games allow a third card and anyone with the higher hand wins.  It is classic luck of the cards casino game.