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Top 5 High Roller Bets Ever Made in Casino

Top 5 High Roller Bets Ever Made in Casino
Image by Maria from Pixabay

High-roller casino games are for people who prefer high-stakes action and like to take significant risks. Because of this, these so-called whales can benefit from various amenities gambling enterprises offer. If you want to become one, remember that it takes more than just making a larger deposit than other players to qualify as a high roller.

Given the long history of gambling in Las Vegas, it should not be surprising that there have been wildly extravagant wagers and wins over the years. The stories surrounding Las Vegas’s slot machines and table games are numerous, ranging from literally risking it all to winning millions after just staking a few dollars. We have compiled some of the best high-roller bets ever made in Casinos in Vegas. These bettors have placed some bets that changed their lives completely with the big jackpot won from these bets. 

You must understand how to play online casino games well enough to beat the live dealers and win the bet. And, to win a high roller bet, you must be ready to place a high stake bet on these games. 

That said, let’s discuss the top 5 high roller bets ever made in Casinos in Vegas;

Kerry Packer in a Blackjack Game 

The Australian billionaire is said to frequently wager close to $500k on a single blackjack hand. The affluent gambler enjoys activity; for Packer, action means something big. He once simultaneously bet over $25 million on many roulette tables.

Kerry Packer was no stranger to blowing a lot of cash. He had a good sense of how to spend his money, from tipping the ambulance team $1 million for their efforts to the casino personnel $1.3 million after his win cost them a $40,000 bonus.

He was also skilled at winning. He performed so brilliantly that he was blacklisted from numerous casinos. MGM Grand was the only casino that allowed Packer to gamble. They permitted him to play blackjack for $500,000 per hand before permanently banning him when he won $26 million in a single evening.

Ashley Revell in a game of Roulette

Roulette wheel
Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

Ashley Revell, an Englishman, liquidated all he owned and traveled to Las Vegas to strike it rich. He then made a brave and risky decision to stake his entire life savings on the turn of a wheel.

Ashley Revell placed a more-than-average wager, but few other gamblers risked as much money as he did. Revell decided to sell every item he owned in the months before his extraordinary wager, including his house, car, personal belongings, and even his clothes. After selling everything, Revell had nothing left but $135,300. He decided to bet his entire life’s savings on the color red at the roulette table at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. When the ball landed on 7 Red as the wheel was spinning, Revell was awarded $270,600.

Archie Karas in poker games

Many Vegas insiders immediately think of Archie Karas when they consider infamous gamblers. He was one of the largest heaters that ever existed.

The smart poker player began his streak with just $50 and eventually made almost $40 million. He was treating the top poker players in the world like second-graders.

One by one, he carefully took away their chips. Only Johnny Chan, the expert, could have caused him to lose. As with so many others before, Karas’ lengthy streak came to an end. His luck ran out, and he lost everything. He is currently prohibited from participating in any gaming in the state.

Phil Ivey in a game of poker 

One of the greatest poker players of all time is Phil Ivey. So, seeing him at a gaming table wouldn’t surprise many people.

Ivey does not simply play for large sums of money in the poker room. He frequently places bets at the roulette table that reach $200,000.

The precise amount Ivey has won or lost in casinos worldwide is unknown. In practically every casino he enters, Phil is treated like a VIP, that much is certain.

Elmer Sherwin in Slot games

The likelihood of winning the “Megabucks” progressive jackpot is thought to be 1 in 49.8 million spins, which is a slim chance. But against all odds, one man succeeded. Twice! Elmer Sherwin, then 92 years old, made significant gains in two distinct Las Vegas casinos: first in 1989 and once in 2005. He won $4.65 million for his $3 wager in 1989, which was the largest slot jackpot ever in Las Vegas. He won $21.1 million in 2005 at the Cannery Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Over the years, he gave many of his profits to philanthropic organizations.


To prevent the significant losses some of these winners experienced, keep your betting in check even though the high gains could appear motivating. Remember that the house wins no matter what, and it’s better to lose a little than lose it all. 

Featured Image by Maria from Pixabay