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The Official Guide for Gambling in Finland

The Official Guide for Gambling in Finland
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If you’re planning a trip to Finland, you might be wondering what the gambling scene is like in this incredible Scandinavian nation. Finland is known for many things, including its beautiful arctic regions, lush forests, and proud culture. In addition, gambling is quite popular in Finland, which many people might not fully realize. Finns love to gamble, and you’ll find no shortage of both land-based and online gambling options when you visit this country. 

Planning your trip to Finland

Whether you like to gamble or not, it’s always a good idea to assess your options before planning a trip to Finland. You never know when there might be a few spare hours when you’re not sure what to do on your trip. Passing the time with a bit of friendly gambling might just be exactly what you need to keep your vacation interesting and fun. And sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to get outside and see all that Finland has to offer. That’s okay! After all, Finland is a very exciting country with all kinds of things to see and do. If you’re looking for a little bit of downtime, heading to an online or land-based casino could be just what the doctor ordered. 

The great thing about online casinos in Finland is that you can access them whenever and however you want. Exhausted after a long flight in your hotel, but you’re trying to stay awake to adjust to the time difference? Why not visit an online casino in Finland and turn your hotel room into your own personal casino? Bored during a long train journey? Why not access an online casino from your phone? And of course, native Finns can also enjoy online casinos in their home nation without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. If you’re looking for more info regarding online casinos, Pekka Laine explains it further here

That being said, there are plenty of land-based casinos in Finland as well. These amazing destinations can bring you all kinds of enjoyment and satisfaction, especially if you’re a little tired of Finland’s frosty weather and you want to spend some time indoors. In short, Finland has a lot to offer in gambling, whether you’re a serious player or you just want to have some fun. 

A Brief History of Gambling in Finland

Lotto in Finland
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Gambling in a modern sense began in Finland with the arrival of slot machines in the 1920s. By the 30s, the government had exerted a strong degree of control over gambling throughout the nation. Not long afterward, the lottery arrived in Finland and became wildly popular. Today, gambling is essentially a state-run affair, although two companies (Veikkaus and PAF) essentially hold a dual monopoly over Finland’s gambling industry. 

The government has long held the belief that the government should manage the gambling industry. The interesting thing about the gambling industry in Finland is that all profits go to public projects. These include arts, sciences, youth programs, and equestrian sports. So in a sense, even when Finns “lose” in gambling, their money goes right back into the nation, funding important projects that they can benefit from. That’s the intention, anyway.  

Finland has traditionally held a very different mindset towards gambling when compared to other western nations. In the eyes of the Finnish government, gambling can be beneficial for the common good. Although there are certain issues related to gambling addiction and so forth, Finns have never really viewed gambling as a “vice” or a disease. Instead, they tend to view it simply as a habit. And when all the proceeds go back into beneficial projects for the people, you could even argue that it’s a healthy habit. 

There are Only Two Land-Based Casinos in All of Finland

City of Helsinki
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Finland doesn’t have very many casinos. The nation only has two land-based casinos in operation, although more may be added in the future. The most well-known casino in Finland is the Helsinki Casino, located in (you guessed it) Helsinki. This casino donates all its profits to charity, making it a rarity in the global gambling world. This means that you can take solace in knowing your money is going towards good causes even if you lose. The casino features over 300 slot machines, 20 gaming tables, and a poker room. All of the regular cash poker games follow the “bad beat jackpot” rules. Of course, there are also entertainment venues that host performances and the Helsinki Casino also features a dinner restaurant. 

The other land-based casino is the Arkipelag Hotel & Casino, located on Mariehamn on the Aland Islands. This casino also donates all of its profits to charity, and PAF runs it. This is more of a hotel than a casino, and you can expect slightly less extensive amenities than its counterpart in Helsinki. That being said, the hotel might be more enjoyable for those who want to avoid Helsinki’s big city and enjoy beautiful locales by the ocean. This hotel also features a nightclub, several restaurants, and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. 

Because there are so few casinos in Finland, this is yet another reason to consider online gambling if you plan a trip to this country. No matter where you might be, you can always log on and start having fun in Finland. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of options available if you want to gamble in Finland. Although this Scandanavian nation might not have the same kind of reputation as Las Vegas or Monaco when it comes to gambling, it’s something of a hidden gem. And with so many online gambling websites to try, you can have tons of fun in Finland quickly and conveniently from any location. In the future, we can only guess what the future of gambling in Finland might hold!

Featured Image by arunas68 from Pixabay