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The Growing Market of Vape Pens

The Growing Market of Vape Pens
Image by haiberliu from Pixabay

In some developed countries like the United States, due to its number of medical uses, CBD is legal. With the growing market of vape pens and the addition of several flavorful options, it has also become part of this industry as many vape companies are making disposable pens. Vape smoking is now easily accessible and becoming a fashionable demure.

How do vaporizers work?

In vaporizers, a device heats the mixture either in dry herb form or a concentrated mixture to the point where its active ingredients turn into vapors. Some very high-quality devices can deliver vapors that contain different flavors. One of the biggest qualities of vape pens is that they don’t typically smell. If someone is smoking next to you could get a whiff of the contents being vaped. Generally, the people around the smoker wouldn’t even know that person is smoking unless the heat setting is too high.

Vape pens consist of a few main components: a battery, power button, a tank, and a mouthpiece. The battery starts to heat the machine called an atomizer by pressing the power button, which heats the herb or liquid inside the tank to the point where it starts to vapourize but not burn. One of the most important factors is the temperature in this process, as by controlling temperature user can control the intensity of the vapors. 

Types of vape pens

There are many types of vape pens. Portable and sleek style pens are more popular on the market as they are easy to carry. There are even disposable vape pens that are not chargeable. However, most vape pens require frequent charging. One of the most common types is cartridge pens because they are low maintenance and affordable. They are very compatible with universal cartridges, and most of the time, cartridges are made of plastic, metal, and glass, making them very easy to dispose of after usage.

Another more modern type of vape pen is the concentrate pen, as they have a similar design to cartridge pens. The pens can be filled with extract of the user’s choice. But if the concentrate is too thick. Often juice is needed to thin it out as it cannot vapourize the thick liquids. It has more removable parts than the cartridge pen. The pen’s tank can be changed according to choice. One of the most expensive and modern vape pens is herb vaporizers, as they are used to vaporize dry flowers and have different atomizers than liquid vaporizers. They are usually larger and used mostly for the vaporization of CBD.


Even though owning a vape or e-cigarette is considered fashionable. The impact on one’s health should not be ignored. Substances in vape pens change a person’s body composition, especially affecting the lungs. Many studies have proved that vapes are less harmful to one’s health than conventional cigarettes. Due to the lack of research on the negative impacts of vapes on human health, it’s better to be precautious.

Moreover, the consumption of some of the mixtures of intoxication material makes it highly controversial. Some of the contents can be quite harmful. Overdoses can cause heart issues and, in severe cases, even death. Do your research and check out the different vaping materials before using them.

Featured Image by haiberliu from Pixabay