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Teenage Skills We Can Still Get To Grips With

There’s a lot of activities out there that often get condemned as a childish or adolescent phase and is rarely thought of as anything else. However, there’s plenty of reasons to keep these skills in mind as we get older, as they can make us more qualified, give us good hobbies to take part in on our time off, and can even keep us healthier compared to a lifestyle without them. So, what are some of the best activities that lead to learned skills we should keep ahold off in adulthood? Here’s a couple of recommendations.

Try Out Skateboarding Again

So maybe it didn’t go quite so well the first time, and maybe that’s why you packed it in, but try to pick up a board once again and skate your way around your backyard. Throwing down a board and jumping on top sounds simple enough, but in practice is going to take a bit of effort to stay on and go far with it. Just think of Tony Hawk, who’s almost 50 and still grinding and spinning with the best of them.

It’s both fun, and there’s plenty of health benefits as well based upon the type of board you use. Look into longboards for some good aerobic activity, which is great for your cardio fitness. It’s also good for both your strength, as you’re going to need to keep getting back up after falls, and your flexibility, as avoiding scraping your elbows along the ground with the expert muscle movements is essential.

Keep on Video Gaming

Yes, this one is a far cry away from the good physical training a sport can give you, but if you still use video games well into your adulthood, you’ve got yourself a good leisure activity to get frustrations out on, and you can keep can on getting invested in your favorite stories and characters like you did when you were younger.

They’re fun to get on with, and can even give you some new ‘abilities’, so to speak: Video games can improve hand-eye coordination and even help you work on your reaction times.

Do Some Volunteering Again

Teens are often introduced to the world of work through volunteering or extra curricular activities. However, as adults we shouldn’t give this one up either. Volunteering helps out communities and the downtrodden, and also gives us a great boost to our self esteem and workability skills. If you’re looking to change career paths, this could be a great gateway activity to it.

Volunteering only takes up a couple of hours that you have free anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard on your schedule. Either way, there’s no commitments if you can’t, and there’s always something new to do.

Just because you get older doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy life anymore. It’s not all about filling your taxes and taking the trash out and being an all round responsible adult. Having some fun amongst your hard work is incredibly important as well!