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Organizing a Charitable Gambling Tournament

Organizing a Charitable Gambling Tournament
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Charitable gambling tournaments are the most successful method of raising funds for organizations, whether non-governmental or otherwise. These tournaments have become so popular because of their success rate. You can benefit from these events in many ways. For example, they can introduce and attract new customers to your products and expand your network.

If you want to organize a charitable gambling contest, follow the steps below: 

Research local requirements

The local requirements for hosting charitable gambling events vary from government to government. That’s why you need to take your time to research to know what’s expected of you. Some games permitted in such events include casino nights, poker tournaments, pull-tab tickets, bingo, and ruffles. You can talk to the government or local game authorities to discuss your intentions and get guidance from them. They can inform you about applicants’ prerequisites, application fees, license types, prize limits, and game types allowed. For example, if you want to offer a 50 euro bonus, they’ll let you know the permitted bonus arrangements. 

Work on your preparation

Once you’ve decided on what games to host, the next step is to seek a license. But before that, ask yourself whether you meet all the requirements. Remember that you can be denied a permit if you don’t meet the prerequisites. If your event is charitable, some states may require that you show proof of tax exemption and registration by the government. The state may also require that your organization must have existed for a minimum number of years.

You’ll also have to submit an application and pay a fee to the relevant authorities and regulatory agencies. Other details that may be required from you include your gaming assistants, tournament location, and a list of officers involved. In short, find out all that’s required of you and make it available before you apply for a license. 

Structure your tournament activities

Once you’ve obtained the license, try to structure your activities to comply with the permit. Also, make sure you follow all the municipal and government regulations. For example, many governments and local jurisdictions don’t allow minors to gamble. So, when renting gambling supplies, renting the venue, or drafting the invitation list, ensure you only do what your license permits. Additionally, your gaming event duration, frequency limits, and total prize and bonus value must all comply with the law. You must also remember to keep track of all the money you collect for accountability purposes. 

Maintain your compliance with gambling tournaments

In the course of your event, make sure you maintain your compliance. Your license can be revoked whenever the authorities notice you breaching the law. There will be some consequences. For example, you may be penalized for including games that are not permitted by your license or inviting minors to your event. If your event takes many months or years, you must always keep your licenses and permits updated. Operating on an expired license or permit can attract legal problems.

Always pay attention to the duration and terms of your gambling permit so you can effectively maintain your adherence. Remember that your permit can be for a whole year, but it can limit the number of events you hold per week or month. If you go beyond these limits, your license can be revoked.


If you want to fundraise for your charitable or non-governmental organization, you now have a solution. Charitable gambling tournaments, when organized well, can raise a good amount of cash. If this sounds like something you want to give a try, follow the tips discussed above.

For your event to be successful, choose a casino specializing in such events to help you with the whole process. The casino should be experienced in hosting such events in the country or local area where you want to hold the event.

Featured Photo by Pavel Danilyuk: https://www.pexels.com