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Online Casinos Keep Getting Better and Better

Image by life pan from Pixabay

The year two thousand and seventeen is definitely doing to go down as the year of the online casino.

Competition among these online entities seems to have reached a fever pitch, and this can’t help but benefit you, the consumer of online casino products.  New casinos come and go, but always with slightly better offers every time. This year has seen the closing of many newer casinos but the opening of even more, and older casinos are stepping up their game so they can stay in it.

The good folks over at www.casinoonline.com.de (the site is in German but easily translatable), have put together a great list of what they think are the top ten casinos to be checking out right now at the very moment of this writing. This list includes what they feel is the best of the old mixed with the best of the new.

It should be worth noting that they mention on their site that it was very ambitious to have to cut the list down to a mere 10 offerings, and they did so for brevity’s sake, but don’t be afraid to explore outside the list as many other great gaming sites just barely didn’t make the cut.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

It should also be worth noting that this list is going to get obsolete fast, largely due to the intense competition. The savvy online player is constantly looking at and for new innovations in the industry, and taking full advantage of them.

Things to especially consider when deciding which online casino to use are: special offers, bonuses, and then on the other end, security and the general responsiveness and quality of customer service. Since we are talking about potential large amounts of money here, these things are of paramount importance. And fortunately for us players, special offers and bonuses have definitely become the norm in the industry, and are to be expected for any casino that wants to get anywhere near the top of the list.

The other good news is that online casinos in general have an impressive track record when it comes to customer security; they have taken it seriously from day one and it definitely shows! Honestly, there are some major banks all over the world that should be ashamed of themselves in this regard and perhaps have a lot to learn from their counterparts in the online gaming industry.

Do you have any favorite casinos that didn’t make this list? What do you like so much about them? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.