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How to Get More Gaming Bang for Your Buck

How to Get More Gaming Bang for Your Buck
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Gaming can be an expensive hobby. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be, as there are plenty of ways, tips, and tricks to save money on games. Use these tricks to get more bang for your buck with games. 

Play Free Games 

The number of free games available to play nowadays is huge and increasing every day. There have never been as many free games out there as now, offering you a large variety of titles to play without spending a dime. You’ll probably find the biggest selection on your mobile phone, as the app stores feature millions of games that can be downloaded at no cost. Note that most of them include in-game purchases, though, which can make these games rather expensive if you’re not careful. But not just on mobile. You’ll also find tons of free games on PC and console. Check out the storefronts for your platform of choice and navigate to the free game section to be surprised at the massive variety you’ll find.  

Wait and Save

When a new game is released at full price, it is tempting to buy it straight away to be among the first ones to play it. However, especially in the long run, this impatience will come at a cost. Paying $60 or $70 for a newly released title is probably the most expensive way to play. Instead, practice patience. Almost all games go on sale at some point, sometimes even just a couple of months after their release. Online platforms offer sales and all kinds of promotions regularly, so it can pay off to keep an eye out. Use deal aggregators such as GG.deals or IsThereAnyDeal to stay up to date on price developments. You’ll find these for all types of games and platforms. For instance, DekuDeals specializes in Nintendo games, and IndieGala has tons of indie games and regular freebies. For players looking to play traditional casino games, experts regularly rate and list the best platforms offering slots and other casino games that offer welcome bonuses to new players. Free spins and bonus credits allow players to play games for real money for less. Take advantage of these sites to always find the best deals before playing games at full price. 

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Buy Hardware Sparingly and Wisely 

Gaming expenses aren’t limited to games but also include hardware. Especially if you’re getting a powerful gaming laptop or computer, you’ll have to pay a steep price tag that can go into the thousands. And it doesn’t end there, as PCs need to be upgraded over time to accommodate the newest AAA games. The same goes for consoles. While these are cheaper initially, they have to be replaced to play next-gen games. There are ways to keep these expenses down. Most importantly, only buy hardware or upgrades when absolutely necessary. When you’re playing on a PC, you can easily throttle the game’s performance in the settings to run them on less powerful devices. Depending on what games you play, there is no need to buy the most powerful and expensive rig out there. This is also the case for console gamers. You don’t have to buy a new console immediately once it is released. Both on PlayStation and Xbox, a lot of new games are being released cross-gen, meaning they are available on new and last-gen consoles. Be mindful, buy smart, and only purchase new hardware when necessary. 

Claim Free Games from Your Subscriptions

You may already own free games without realizing it. If you have an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription, that means you can access free games. Both companies include free games and in-game content as part of their subscriptions. Amazon offers game titles as well as various in-game items such as in-game currency or skins to its subscribers for free every month. Make sure to check these out at the beginning of each month and claim anything you like. Netflix has also forayed into the gaming space and now offers a long list of mobile titles as part of its service. You’ll find these within your Netflix app on your phone. The best part is that they don’t include any ads or in-game purchases. If you are already paying for these subscriptions anyway, make sure to make the most of it and claim the free games.  

Do you love gaming but need to watch your gaming expenses? Use these easy ways to save money and still enjoy your hobby to the fullest.

Featured Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash