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How has the growth of online casinos made life easier for consumers?

It wasn’t until 10 years ago, when gambling laws opened up, that casinos finally had the freedom to grow exponentially online, and with the use of mobile devices increasing year on year, combined with the growth of online and mobile casinos, the virtual world has pampered all gamers by providing them online casino games.

Whether you are sat on the sofa or lying in bed, online casinos allow gamers to participate without the requirement of leaving the comfort of their own home. Online casinos also permit players to easily jump from game to game with the click of a button.  But how else have online casinos made it easier than ever for players?


With land based casinos there Is always the chance of something going wrong, such as robbery. This isn’t the case in online casinos. This factor makes online casino games an easier option. One thing to take into account however is online safety measures. The safety in this case is to keep your personal information a well-kept secret.

The ease of online gambling has also made it more comfortable for female players to participle in casino games, without having to step foot in the usually male dominated land based casinos with 2 out of over 5 UK gamers being women.


Land based casinos find it difficult to offer large amounts of bonuses because they have an overhead operation cost of running the casino. Whereas this is not the case with online casinos. In the UK, as annual revenue reaches £3 Billion, this allows for bigger bonuses, making it one of the greatest perks and something that keeps gamers returning for more.


Professional players who visit land based casinos are usually more experienced and take it more seriously, sometimes intimidating newcomers who join their table.  For newbies, online casinos are a good option because they don’t run the risk of being intimidated, even if they are playing with professionals, because the basic identity remains hidden. This allows online gamers to continue building their confidence.

Try before buy

The beauty of playing casino games online is that you can play free online casino games without spending a single penny; which is obviously not the case in land based casinos. There are usually numerous free online casino games to select and start playing. However, after reaching a certain level you need to pay an amount to continue your gaming experience.

The below infographic details how quickly the online casino world has changed and how to move to the digital world has shifted the casino demographic. It explains the added benefits for those who love to bet a little bit of cash on slots or other casino games. Infographic provided by Smartmobile Casino.