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Gambling Addiction Statistics

Gambling Addiction Statistics
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Gambling is a form of entertainment that brings out the best and the worst in people. There is an upside and downside to everything in life, and gamblers are beginning to take the downside to this entertainment which involves play rocket casino. The rise of addiction calls for a census to analyze these gambling addiction statistics.

It is important to note that addictions do not cover only drugs, alcohol, and tobacco addiction; it encompasses all that and includes gambling addiction. Many people around us face this type of addiction, but we can be oblivious of the situation because it cannot be shown except one of our family members. Statistics have been arising from research about addiction relating to gambling and even substances; some of them are listed below.

  • According to some research, about 10 million American people are battling with one gambling addiction or the other. It is also believed that about 1% of the American population is living gambling addiction, but it is more severe this time. Also, about 0.5% of adults living in the UK are gamblers with problems. 
  • About 23 million people living in America go into severe debt due to gambling, and researchers calculated a loss of about $55,000.
  • It is believed that citizens of America use about US$500 billion to gamble annually. 
  • About 15-20% of adults in the world are suffering from addictions related to substance abuse. 

Awakn Company made these addiction statistics, and statistics is not all it does; the company – Awakn Life Sciences is also working on research to develop a cure or medicine that would help some individuals overcome gambling addiction.

The biotechnology company focuses on clinical research; it also advances and provides psychedelic and other medicines focused on treating various types of addictions and some other mental health illnesses. The company has treated some conditions, including several kinds of addiction, PTSD, depression, and many others. 

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Around August, the company announced that it got approval from the ethical committee and commenced recruitment for the first-ever study examining ketamine about addictions like gambling. In the news, it was heard that the research would be headed by Celia Morgan, Ph.D., a Professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Exeter and an expert who is respected and recognized globally in the therapeutic use of ketamine. The study will determine if ketamine administration can alter the memories of reward gotten by these gamblers in the association.

Professor Morgan believes that the research is a thrilling first step geared towards a new treatment meant to tackle any form of gambling syndrome; it would give new perceptions of the neurobiology of this destructive and unattended addiction. We are glad that Awakn has decided to take the first step in science to face hazardous illness. 

This study forms a part of the company’s scheme to advance and provide exclusive psychedelic therapeutics in both therapy and medicine to enhance treatments in addictions related to substance taking, which distresses 15% to 20% of adults in the world’s population.

The company has created a team of researchers comprising experts globally recognized in several fields, including clinical research, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and drug development. The researchers are constructing a channel of new remedies and drug applicants.

Awakn Life Sciences specializes in three significant aspects of addiction medicine development which includes:

  • Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy for substance and behavioral addictions.
  • MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for alcohol use disorder.
  • New Chemical Entities – For behavioral, alcohol, tobacco, and opioid addictions.

Awakn Clinics release plan

By the end of 2024, Awakn Life Sciences is said to target 20 clinics and focus on addiction treatment. They tell us that they expect good returns from each clinic as each will generate revenue between GBP 1.75 million and GBP 3.5 million. The clinic opening varies according to jurisdiction; the EU clinic opening is 6 to 12 months, and the UK clinic opening is a lead time of 6 months. There is news on the launch clinics in London, which is available on the company’s site. 


The industry is concerned with addiction treatment at USD 17.5 billion pa, and it is predicted to rise to USD 31.5 billion pa by 2027. The world’s industry-focused on addiction can be said to be at its first phase with no FDA-approved medications for the treatment of people with pathological gambling.

The company targets those with gambling addiction and sectors that cover both areas. They believe psychedelics have the potential to change addiction treatment radically and provide meaningfully improved results.

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