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Four Things Men Need For Prime TV Watching

The Best Paid Subscriptions
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Four Things Men Need For Prime TV Watching

Whether you just want to watch the sports you love, or you are a fan of movies and great television shows, there are some things that every man should have in order to get the best of TV entertainment.

Of course, these things start with a great big screen TV, and something to allow you to stream wifi directly to your TV. That can be with a smart TV, a wifi ready BluRay players, or a gaming system that is wifi capable.

Once you have that, you may also want to invest in a great sound system and some comfortable chairs. Then it’s time to pick the perfect TV packages and get signed up for the best viewing subscriptions.


The Best Paid Subscriptions
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There are 3 main, non TV station backed, subscription services you may want to look into. Each of them have their positive attributes, and each of them have their flaws. These are HuluPlus, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

For most people, Netflix is the number one choice. It costs less than $10 a month for streaming (so does Hulu), and offers movies, TV shows, and it even offers some great Netflix only shows like Orange Is The New Black and the new Daredevil.

None of them really seem to get instant access to new TV shows, but they all have something to watch. Amazon Prime Instant Video comes with your, around $100 a year, Amazon Prime account (which gives you free shipping and other great shopping benefits).

Channel Subscription Must-Haves

HBO Go and HBO now are the top rated subscription services, although they are attached with your HBO package (you can just sign up for one or both of them without HBO on your TV though). They are more top rated movies, and you can stay up on great HBO shows like Game of Thrones.

Other channels offer viewing online with your general channel subscription, but you’ll often have to wait for a few days after the show airs. CW even allows fans to watch full episodes online, through your smartphone, desktop, or even your laptop or tablet.

The Best In Sports Watching

Football Stadium
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A must have for guys is a good sports package, and you can get that through your TV service or online. If you are a big football fan, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to Sunday Ticket. Click here to learn more about Sunday Ticket programming, including Red Zone packages and more.

Guys that love wrestling will definitely want to have a subscription to the WWE Network, and there are many other sports related networks. It doesn’t matter if you are a hockey fan, golf fan, or you prefer tennis, you can find it through a great TV package, or online.

Freebies You May Want To Check Into

You can also find some freebies as far as great movies and TV shows go, online. Spend some time searching YouTube videos. You can check out YouTube through your BluRay player and even on your smartphone. Most already come with it downloaded.

Another great free viewing site is Crackle. Crackle may not have all the options that HBO and Netflix have, but you can find some fun movies, funny TV shows, anime, and more. Check back often as they change around shows and movies every so often. If you live in the UK, you can also take a look at Free view and Free sat. All you need is an aerial and maybe a TV signal booster and you’re good to go! You can enjoy as much as 70 standard and 15 HD channels all for free!

If you’re a guy that loves to watch TV and sports, you’ll definitely want to look into all of these options. If money is no option check them all out. If not, pick one of two that offer you the best of what you want. And enjoy!