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Favorite Casino of “007” James Bond

The author of novels about James Bond, British writer Ian Fleming, loved to visit a best casino in Portugal. Namely, Casino Estoril inspired him to write several popular works.

Favorite Casino of “007” James Bond

During the Second World War, Portugal remained neutral. Therefore, in the state capital, the city of Lisbon, agents, and all the residents of the intelligence world were gathered together in one place. The ideal venue for meetings, contacts, recruitments is casino – in the evenings all the spies gathered in the Estoril.

A young and yet little-known British journalist Ian Fleming, visited this place to be the first to receive sensational information. As he watched, the game of professional spies in his head lights up an idea to write a novel. It appeared as the famous book “Casino Royale” – the most famous product of the adventures of James Bond.

Fleming loved Casino Estoril, the writer often came to Portugal and after the war, to play on the casino slot machines and communicate with other gamblers.

However, writers and directors found the Portuguese gambling establishment is not very attractive. Therefore, in the film based on the novels of Fleming, James Bond plays in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.

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