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Creating A Relaxation Zone In Your Home

Everybody wants a home within their home. Perhaps that sounds strange on the surface, but I’m sure you know what I mean. We may love our house and the people who live in it, but sometimes it’s not always the most relaxing or personalised place; the living room might be constantly crowded with bickering children or a partner who wants to watch something different to you on TV, and the kitchen might be a great place to grab a snack, but a dining table is hardly a place to truly unwind and relax.

It might be time to dedicate an exclusive relaxation zone in your home. Perhaps you’ll close it off to the world or perhaps you’ll occasionally let friends and family members join you in this special mini-home, but, whatever the case, it’s important that we all have a place to which we can escape when things become a little too much. You may have just had a long day at work or perhaps you just want a little alone time. If you know you want a relaxation zone, that’s the first step completed. Now you just need to put it all together. Here are some tips for creating a relaxation zone in your home.

Find your favourite thing in the world.

No sappy answers along the lines of your family or your children; I’m talking about your favourite pastime, furnishing or any general object in the house. A pool table or a favourite painting are two good examples. This will be the main focal point of your brand new fun zone. Of course, if you’ll be inviting other family members or friends into this zone, you could run your ideas past them first before you start developing a theme which isn’t fun for everyone. Compromises might have to be made if this new relaxation zone isn’t going to be dedicated solely to you.

Make the place comfy.

This should go without saying, obviously, but your fun zone needs to be a step above the rest of the house. You don’t need to opt for an uncomfortable leather sofa to try and appear stylish because this is a room or part of the house dedicated to relaxation; you have the freedom to go for the most comfortable seating possible, as you’re not trying to impress houseguests on a formal occasion.

Of course, you should ensure you have multiple seating options if this is going to be a relaxation zone for other members of the family and potential friends who have earned the privilege of being invited into your reclusive little cave. A sofa bed might be an excellent idea, as you’ll be able to entertain multiple guests and when you’re alone you can pull out the sofa to take a quick nap when nobody’s looking. You’ve earned it after a long day; don’t worry.



This is arguably the most important part of your relaxation zone. Sure, sitting or lying down and recovering from a long day is a key element of this special room too, but you likely have a bedroom or living room for those purposes. The thing which makes this zone special is going to be the entertainment you have on offer. Maybe it’ll be a pool table, a darts board, a personal TV to which you have sole control of the remote or maybe even a mini bar if you love a late night drink out of sight of the kids.

The key is that the entertainment fits the room and its intended purposes. If you’ll be hosting gatherings or simply inviting a few friends now and then, you’ll need entertainment in which everybody can get involved. A TV screen might not be enough to keep you all interested. You could relive your childhood and turn it into a gaming zone. If you looked at some comparisons of chairs for gamers you could find some comfy seating for you and your friends. As I’ve reiterated throughout the article, comfort is absolutely essential. If you don’t feel comfortable unwinding in other rooms around the house, this is your chance to fix what’s wrong with those rooms and create something which meets your personal, individual tastes.

Get creative with unused spaces in your home.

There’s no rule which says there can only be one room in your house dedicated to fun and relaxation. You could get a little creative with nooks and crannies of your home which aren’t being used to the fullest of their potential. You could turn the space beneath the stairs into a bookshelf or perhaps even a reading area to accompany your bookshelf, depending on how much space is available.

If there are areas in your home which are positioned near windows and invite good lighting in the heights of summer, then don’t let those hidden gems go to waste; even putting down a bean bag so you can relax and gaze out at your garden in the sunlight is better than having empty, dull spots dotted around the house. Better yet, the more relaxation zones you create, the less you’ll have to worry about other people in the house cottoning on to your special little pad and wanting to get in on the fun. You may love your family and friends, but this zone was likely created so you could have a little break now and then.

Create an outdoor chill out zone.

If you want to get really creative, there’s no stopping you from taking your chill-out zone to your back garden. You’ll want to give your outdoor space comfortable seating, of course, in order to maximise its relaxation factor. There’s no reason your backyard can’t be treated the same as any other room in the house, but with the added benefit of combining natural beauty with man-made creature comforts. You could sit outside by a fire and watch the sunset, either by yourself or with your family or you could even set up your own designated BBQ zone for delicious meals on those warm summer evenings.