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College Football Playoffs Run

College Football Playoffs Run
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The College Football Playoffs (CFP) is conducted every year to find the national champion in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) I Football Bowl Subdivision. It is the biggest postseason knockout tournament in the United States of America.

Previously in the Bowl Championship Series, computer and poll rankings were the criteria used to select participating teams. However, CFP selection is way different from this. Each year, four teams are selected to participate in the CFP by a 13-member selection committee. In what is referred to as the Plus One System, the selection committee is way better than the poll and computer rankings. The system came into play after the 2003 and 2004 BSC seasons faced numerous allegations and controversy.

The first tournament was held right after the 2014 NCAA Division I FBS season. It was a tough match between Oregon and Ohio State. Oregon State put up a spirited fight but was beaten by Ohio State, winning the inaugural tournament. Clemson and Alabama have been among the greatest teams to watch out for in the subsequent football playoffs. The two teams have played one time in the semifinals and three games in the championships.

The championship game venue undergoes the same selection process as the NCAA Final Four or Bowl, where cities submit bids. The highly coveted College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy is awarded to the championship game-winner.

The launch of CFP in 2014 introduced a bracket competition criteria that was and is still used to determine the champion. The current college football season for this year has been remarkable, and with just a few months to the regular season, we could speculate on which team will make it to the top four, according to NCAAF experts. So as we are inching closer to bowl season, make sure to check the NCAAF picks weekly to see the odds going into each week of college football. 

The criteria used in determining the final four teams is broad and includes:

  • Factors like the number of championships won.
  • Teams.
  • Head-to-head results.
  • The strength of their schedule.

Here is a review of some of the teams that are hopeful of finishing in the final four.

Georgia Bulldogs

If the current standing of 10-0 is anything to go by this season, then the Georgia Bulldogs is unarguably top of the list. Popularly referred to as the Bulldogs, the team has had an outstanding record of beating all their opponents by an estimated average of 32 points. The Bulldogs defense line is among the toughest in the season, seeing that no team has had more than 17 points when playing against it in the season to date.

Georgia Bulldogs have been two-time qualifiers to the top four in the CFP. The team’s latest debut in the playoffs was in 2017 where Alabama beat them. They, however, had among the most fantastic games of the year during the semifinal, where they beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl in double overtime.

Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide is certainly among the top four hopefuls this season. The team currently has a 9-1 standing after having numerous wins and two losses from Texas A&M and SEC foe. The Alabama Crimson Tide is among the few teams that have made a debut in the final four every year. The team is also a three-time championship winner since the launch of the CFB system in 2014 under their able lead coach Nick Saban. The Alabama Crimson Tide is a celebrated name in the college football world, with many terming it as the most prestigious program. The truth is it is almost sure that the team will be among the final four.

Alabama Crimson Tide
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The Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks is also a team to watch out for in the final four. Popularly referred to as the Ducks, the team has a current standing of 9-1, similar to their other big competition, the Alabama Crimson Tide. All hopes are high for the Oregon Ducks seeing that in all the games they have played this season, they have averaged 35 points. The Ducks’ season has also been impressive as their opponents have only managed to have an average of 22 points per game. One of the most memorable and remarkable wins for the team is when they beat Ohio, popularly referred to as the Big Ten powerhouse. All indications favor the Ducks in the season games, which could place them in the highly coveted final four.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State Buckeyes are also among the contenders in the final four. The Buckeyes currently have a 9-1 standing just like their competitors, the Oregon Ducks and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The team has had many wins in the season matches. They have also registered a remarkable standing of only one loss against the Oregon Ducks in the season’s games. The team has had a two-time appearance in the final four, where they won the 2015 national championship in the college football playoffs. However, the Buckeyes face among the toughest schedules, seeing that in their 12 upcoming games, four are against the top 25 teams. 

The 2021 CFB selection is scheduled for Dec. 5; hence we will wait to know the teams that will make it to the national championship.

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