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Calling Entrepreneurs: K-Swiss + Diplo Wants YOU

Are you a young entrepreneur who’s just waiting to catch a big break?

They say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. If you are an entrepreneur who has been cooking up grand ideas in your mind, I have good news. Your time has come. A great opportunity has just come along for these big dreams to come true and to be part of something amazing with K-Swiss and Diplo.

Diplo is looking for brilliant entrepreneurs to join him in a team that’s going to take over the K•Swiss brand.

If you don’t know K•Swiss or Diplo, you must be living under a rock.


A global brand that has been standing since 1966 and has made its mark with a revolutionary tennis shoe – the K•Swiss Classic American – K•Swiss is making a comeback, and it is doing it in a big way. KSwiss has come together with renowned DJ, producer and entrepreneur Diplo to launch ‘The Board’, a game-changing campaign that puts young entrepreneurs’ creativity and ideas in the limelight.

The main idea is simple and brilliant. K-Swiss, an iconic global brand, has assigned Diplo, a current, influential artist and entrepreneur, to be Director of a 100-person board comprised of creative and well-connected individuals who will bring back the K•Swiss brand to the forefront of everyone’s shoe game.

The members of “The Board” will be leading, creating, and executing real projects that will be comprised of some of the most integral roles within the company including brand positioning, marketing, sneaker design, and drafting K•Swiss’ business plan.

As an entrepreneur, you have to have the right mix of self-ownership, passion, courage, creativity, and skill. If you feel that you have these traits plus more, take this monumental opportunity. The application site will open today with submissions valid through April 30, 2015 at www.kswiss.com/theboard.