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Biggest lottery wins in North Carolina

Biggest lottery wins in North Carolina
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Have you ever been interested in lotteries? Maybe you would like to become a winner? History and winners prove that luck can knock on the door of anyone who can become a millionaire.

A bit of history

North Carolina has one of the youngest lottery systems in the United States, enacted in 2005. 100% of the North Carolina Lottery’s net proceeds go directly to benefit education in the state, with the current figure of more than $5.5 billion since its inception. By law, lottery funds are used for school construction, need-based college financial aid, transportation, non-instructional support staff salaries, and pre-kindergarten for at-risk four-year-olds. The State Lottery Act outlines how each dollar the lottery produces will be spent.

There are now many sites where you can easily check tickets and see the winning history. And you can also easily find the results of different lotteries, for example, those of nc pick 3, Powerball, and Megamillions, and see what ordinary people can win in the lottery. Thanks to the variety of lottery games available, there is the widest choice for all tastes.

Stories about lottery winners

– Terry Splawn has been shopping at the same store in Concord, North Carolina, for more than four years and has already won millions of dollars in lottery prizes. This is his lucky story.

Fortune has smiled on the American three times since 2017, and all the tickets have been purchased at the same store in Concord, Sam’s Mini Stop, on Old Charlotte Road. He claimed $1 million on the first occasion after buying a Millionaire Bucks ticket. Two years later, in March 2019, he purchased an Explosion Scratchers ticket and added $1 million to his bank account.

And since the third time is still the charm, last September 6, a holiday in the United States, Terry Splawn went to the same store in Concord to purchase his ticket. He was delighted to discover that he was the winner of $100,000 from the North Carolina Education Lottery, which the state government administers.

–  A North Carolina man won a $231,001 prize using a strategy inspired by his favorite race car driver, Dale Earnhardt. The player, Luther Dowdy, 63, of Lincolnton Township, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials that he sought inspiration from his favorite NASCAR driver when he purchased his tickets for the ‘Cash 5’ drawing on the North Carolina lottery’s website, UPI reported.

Dowdy said the number of tickets represents the number 3 on the race car Earnhardt drives. The player said he checked his lottery account on the website the next day and saw that he had won a nice prize thanks to his hero. Dowdy’s tickets earned him a $235,001 jackpot. He said the money would allow him to pay off his mortgage and help a needy neighbor.

–  Andrew Raymond Stefanick, of Salisbury, N.C., left his job at the hospital and bought a $5 lottery ticket before getting home. This decision led him to win a $200,000 grand prize. Stefanick, a 48-year-old neurologist, bought his winning ‘Hot 5’ ticket at the Food Lion store on Mahaley Avenue in Salisbury. Stefanick said he enjoys playing the lottery with his parents, Andrew and Dunyia Stefanick, who live in China Grove.

“I bought the ticket, but we all play together. Any large amount we win we split three ways,” said the winner. The Stefanick family went to lottery headquarters Monday to claim their prize. Stefanick received $66,680 and, after paying the required state and federal taxes, ultimately walked away with $47,350. On the other hand, his parents each received $66,660 and ultimately took home $47,336 after paying taxes.

Featured Image by Tumisu from Pixabay