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Best Gadgets for Employee Reward Programs

Have you just decided to implement an employee rewards program? Excellent, this is a great choice and sure to move your company forward. We truly commend you on a great decision.

Now you are probably wondering just exactly how to get started. We would like to make a humble suggestion right off the bat for you. We believe that a great idea to get started with a good rewards programs is to start out focusing on gadgets.

Why Gadgets?

Studies have shown that despite its obvious value, just giving employees cash bonuses is not very effective, as the personal touch is lacking. And big-ticket incentives like paid vacation packages are great from time to time, but they obviously can’t be the backbone of your employee incentive strategy, both because of costs involved and logistics. Gadgets perfectly address these two key problems with employee rewards. And you can adapt your purchases easily to suit whatever budget you may have.

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Here is a list of some tech-related gadgets that we think are excellent candidates for giving out as employee rewards:

  • Small Bluetooth Speakers: these are excellent for almost anybody and everybody. People often lack them and they are very useful and great material for showing off, which is exactly the idea.
  • The Chipolo: The Chipolo is an item finder. You can attach it to frequently-misplaced items like your keys or wallet etc. and ring it from your phone. They also allow you to ring your phone by shaking them, even if your phone is in silent mode.
  • Customized Flash Drives: This is another excellent choice because it’s so small and so useful. Even people who own several flash drivers can always use another one. And you can have them 3D printed with whatever you want on them to customize them and put the company’s brand into them in whichever way you choose.
  • USB Batteries or Chargers: These come in several different variations. One great idea is to get a solar-powered model, as people are much less likely to have them and they are much more interesting than your standard battery which is available in any corner store or gas station.
  • Earbuds: Because these gadgets come in so many variations and varieties and levels of quality, this is a great option for a tiered system of employee rewards. People can advertise their level of success at the company without having to even brag about it anymore, just by looking at the quality of their earbuds.