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Ain’t No Party Like A Nipyata Party

Fun, colorful and filled with candy: is a piñata the best part of a kids’ party? Maybe. But when you’re all grown up and you think your piñata-whacking days are behind you, what’s the best part of a grown-up party? You know it – alcohol!

We know what you’re thinking – if only there was a way to combine the two. We’re way ahead of you: there is! It’s a booze-filled piñata called the Nipyata, and it’s a house party game-changer.

Created in New Jersey – as all classy party essentials are – the Nipyata looks like any piñata you’d find at a child’s birthday party. Like the kids’ version, its papier-mâché form is available in a variety of novelty shapes and sizes as well as the classic ‘donkey in drag’ design we all know and love. But when your guests smash that critter open they’ll discover that as well as Skittles, Starburst, lollipops and fun personal messages, it contains enough mini travel-sized bottles of spirits (schnapps, Fireball, tequila, flavored vodka and more) for all your guests. The bottles are plastic so they won’t break as the piñata is beaten or explode when they hit the floor. Things won’t get messy – until everyone gets stuck into the liquor, that is.

The Nipyata has Cinco De Mayo written all over it – particularly its Dulce Vida collection, filled with an assortment of delicious, organic tequila. You can even make your Nipyata part of the decor by choosing one in the shape of a cactus, sugar skull of tequila bottle.

But think beyond Cinco: a Nipyata is great for just about any kind of fiesta. 4th of July party? Celebrate with a star-spangled Freedom Nipyata! Got a milestone birthday coming up? You can buy a Nipyata in the shape of giant birthday numbers: choose from 21, 30, 40 or 50. Tasked with organizing a bachelorette party? Why not treat the bride-to-be to a (wait for it) Peenyata? (It’s exactly what it sounds like.)

You can also buy Nipyatas in the shape of stars, liquor bottles, shamrocks, Thanksgiving turkeys or a Drunken Santa: there is truly a booze-filled piñata for every occasion. And if you love the Nipyata philosophy of adding alcohol to a kids’ party classic, why not theme your whole party accordingly? We’re thinking vodka jello shots, beach pails as ice buckets for wine and beer, boozy cake served with gin sorbet…it could the great party you won’t remember.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been thinking up an excuse to have a party since the second you read the words ‘booze-filled piñata’. If all else fails, just hire a Nipyata when you and your friends just need to get drunk and break something. (Although we regret to inform you that the Trump-shaped piñata has sold out.)

Nipyatas retail from between $35 and $95, depending on your design and how many bottles you want inside – pick from a variety of brands of booze, choose from the ‘Buzzed’ option with 10 bottles, ‘Lit’ with 15 and ‘Lit AF’ with 20, and optionally add customized messages which will be placed inside the piñata as Nipyata Fortunes. The Nipyata comes with a blindfold, Smashin’ Stick, 20 feet of twine to hang it up, and free shipping to all 48 contiguous states – be sure that someone over the age of 21 is present at the shipping address to sign for this adult-only package. You can reopen the Nipyata on arrival if you’d like to stuff it with some extra treats before the party.