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​A quick guide to Sports Betting in Canada

A quick guide to Sports Betting in Canada
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Sports betting in Canada has expanded dramatically over the previous five years, and this growth is expected to continue. It is expected that this trend will continue as sports betting becomes more mainstream in Canada. When it comes to major sporting events, the odds are now discussed in the sports media and even take on a life of their own, which draws attention to the sports betting sector while also removing the old stigma around sports betting as a whole.

On this page, I will offer three excellent online betting companies that are well-known, popular, and expanding in popularity in our home country of Canada. In addition, I will detail a three-step process for getting started with sports betting online in Canada at our #1 rated betting site. Finally, I’ll mention some of the most popular sports to wager on in the nation and point you in the direction of our dedicated sections that provide information on how to wager on each sport.

Are sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes, sports betting is allowed in Canada, but there are significant restrictions compared to legal sports betting in the United States. Canadians could only place bets on parlays in the past, but that will change in August 2021.

The House of Commons decided to modify the Criminal Code to permit wagering on single sporting events. The sports betting market in Canada will be comparable to the one that began operating in the United States in 2018, with each province establishing its own rules and regulations to govern sports betting. Additionally, one can always use established offshore betting sites, as since they operate outside of Canada, they are considered a grey area in the legislation. Should you wish to have a go at this particular experience and place a wager on the outcome of a basketball game, it is ideal for conducting a little research to find the best Canadian betting sites so that your experience will be efficiently​​ reliable and safe.

The future of sports betting in Canada

In 2021, Canadian legislators altered the country’s Criminal Code to legalize single-game sports betting.

Kevin Waugh introduced C-218, a private member’s bill, to the House of Commons in early 2020, kicking off the movement. It was finally adopted as government law in November 2020, indicating that the matter is near to being resolved at this point.

The most important thing to grasp about the law is that it does not, by itself, authorize sports betting throughout the whole country. Similar to what occurred when the Supreme Court of the United States threw down the federal prohibition on sports wagering in 2018, this law permits provinces to decide on their own whether or not to authorize sports betting.

The lifting of the government restriction on single-game wagering is expected to substantially impact the landscape of Canadian sports betting. It would provide additional chances for bettors to place legal wagers, and it might lead to provinces granting licenses to other betting firms as well.

Most popular sports to bet on in Canada


Over the last several years, the Toronto Blue Jays have truly captivated the country’s attention, which has resulted in a significant increase in baseball betting activity in Canada. At the bottom of this page, I propose a baseball betting site. I explain how to bet on the money line, run line, and over/under in baseball.


During the last several years, the Raptors have drawn attention to basketball north of the border, and the influx of young, talented Canadians into the NBA has boosted the sport’s appeal in this country. On our baseball page, I’ll propose three sites for basketball betting, go over the three primary types of bets available on a basketball game, and walk you through the process of placing your first basketball wager online in three simple steps.


Boxing has had a rebirth in recent years, with major bouts like Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, Joshua vs. Klitschko, GGG vs. Canelo, and, of course, Mayweather vs. McGregor putting the sport back into the public eye once more. My favorite sportsbook for boxing wagering will be recommended on this page, and I will also break down and offer instances of money line, over/under and fight result boxing bets.


Canadian Hockey
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Hockey is the national sport of Canada. It is the sport in which the vast majority of Canadians take the greatest pride, which receives the most attention, and to which they are the most committed. As a consequence of this total absorption in hockey, there is a lot of hockey betting going on up here in Canada. As you can see on the hockey page, I’ve included examples of the most common hockey bets. This includes money line, puck line, over/under, and regulation time bets, as well as a simple three-step instruction on how to get started betting on hockey at our top-rated sportsbook.

Horse Racing

It’s a combination made in heaven for horse racing and betting. You can’t have one without the other, and vice versa. Horse racing betting is a significant part of the culture, and events like the Kentucky Derby and the Pegasus World Cup continue to attract large amounts of money from bettors year after year. When you visit our horse racing website, go through the most popular bets you can make on a horse race.

Featured Image by Tom Glod from Pixabay