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7 Outrageously Epic Toys for Millionaire Boys

They say that most people don’t ever really grow up. You might have a high flying job, a healthy bank balance, a marriage and kids, but there’s still something endlessly exciting about over the top gadgets and technology. Everybody has their poison – maybe you prefer speakers and sound systems to expensive cars – but the appeal is always the same.

We all like to dream about one day owning the biggest, baddest something in the world. Well, there are some people out there who don’t just dream about making one of a kind purchases. These millionaire boys have the cash to splash and some incredible collections to boot. After all, if money’s no object, why wouldn’t you want the best of everything?

This guide to the most outrageous and luxurious millionaire boy toys will give you an insight into the world of the super wealthy.

  1. Furio 6 Luxury Catamarans

The Furio 6 line of luxury catamarans, from Multihull Solutions, are available in a range of sizes, but the smallest is still a whopping 15 metres long. If you are looking for unbelievable catamarans for sale, this is the right place to start. They’re packed full of opulent details, such as retractable TV sets, fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, and spacious lounge areas.

  1. Killer Whale Submarine

If a fully decked out boat isn’t for you, this next water based vessel may still delight. The Killer Whale Submarine, from Hammacher Schlemmer, is an incredible two person watercraft that dive in and out of the sea, just like an orca would. It can hydroplane up to 50mph on the surface and cruise up to 25mph when submerged. It also comes with a live video feed so that passengers can relish every moment of this hair raising ride.

  1. Magnetic Floating Bed


You could certainly argue that nobody needs a magnetic floating bed, but you can’t deny that it’s pretty cool. This epic piece of floating furniture is held aloft, at 16 inches off the ground, by the force of powerful magnets alone. At $1.6 million, however, it is no frivolous toy. You’ve got to be serious about the quality (and style) of your sleep to consider this one.

  1. Gold History Edition iPad

How do you take a commonplace gadget like the iPad and turn it into something extraordinary? Well, if you’re luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes, you shave off some pieces of a 65 million year old tyrannosaurus rex bone and insert them into the case. Yes, this iPad really does contain little bits of dinosaur; hence, the name Gold History. Not only that but it also holds no fewer than 53 individual diamonds.

  1. Sikorsky S-92 VIP Helicopter


It should come as no surprise that this Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is a popular choice for heads of state. It is thought to be one of the safest helicopters in existence, even though it also accommodates shower facilities, spacious luxury seating, fancy restrooms, and much more. The S-92 is capable of reaching a top speed of 190mph, so it isn’t sluggish either. For millionaires who like to travel in style, there’s no better option.

  1. Autel Robotics XSTAR Premium Drone


It seems like everybody has a drone these days. The most basic models are very affordable, so this isn’t a technology that is restricted to the super wealthy. To really stand out from the crowd though, you need to be rich enough to play with the Autel XSTAR Premium Drone. It has a sophisticated GPS navigation system, a live HD video feed, and a host of pre-flight checks and features. It is only recommended for those with good flying skills, because you do not want to crash land a drone this valuable

  1. The Martin Jetpack


The Martin Jetpack is an unbelievable feat of engineering and it took 35 years to complete it. This kind of justifies the price tag of $150,000. So does the fact that this remarkable machine can fly for half an hour, at up to 74km per hour and an altitude of 1,000 metres. While the gadget is primarily designed to aid first responders and provide medical assistance, it has been attracting attention from millionaires in search of new toys.

The Enduring Appeal of Big Toys with Big Price Tags

Whether it is luxury catamarhttp://www.multihullsolutions.com.auans, blinged out iPads, or futuristic jetpacks, there’s something out there for every millionaire with cash to splurge. So, if you’re looking for the perfect toy for somebody who has everything, you’d better empty your wallet.

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