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Surprising Reasons to See an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

Surprising Reasons to See an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist
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If you suffer from hay fever allergies, you may have visited an otolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose, and throat specialist, but did you know these doctors treat so much more than seasonal sniffles? Here are three other common concerns an ENT physician can address.

You’re Sleeping Poorly

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to the body and mind functions, meaning that poor rest can cause significant health problems. Weight gain, memory lapses, increased blood pressure, and weakened immunity are just a few of the concerns that can result when you fail to get the sleep you need. Because poor sleep is often due to sinus or breathing issues, visiting an ENT doctor to address your nighttime issues is a smart first step.

The best specialists will analyze your sleep disturbance issues to develop an effective course of treatment. Whether it’s excessive snoring or sleep apnea ruining your rest, your ENT will work with you to find the best procedures or devices to resolve your situation and restore your ability to stay asleep.

You Suffer From Acid Reflux

If your throat is frequently sore or scratchy, you have a persistent cough, or your voice is hoarse, it may not be due to having a cold or allergies. Instead, the culprit might be acid reflux. Although burning sensations and gastrointestinal discomfort are often the hallmarks of this issue, many people’s primary complaints are throat problems.

Because stomach acid can travel up to the throat due to this condition, especially when lying down, acid reflux may be what’s causing you to feel hoarse and sore. Upon examination, an ENT will look for telltale swelling near the larynx and esophagus. If it’s identified, you can point down a course of treatment for acid reflux that will resolve your throat issues.

Your Hearing Is Diminished

If you’re struggling to hear people when they speak or frequently increasing the volume on your television or stereo, you may be experiencing problems that impact your hearing. An ENT physician will check for simple problems first, such as wax buildup in your ears. Although wax is naturally present in your ears to help keep them free of dust and bacteria, too much can create a plugged-up sensation and muffle the sounds around you. An ENT will safely remove excess wax to help restore your comfort and return your hearing to normal.

For more serious concerns like tinnitus or ringing in the ears, a consultation with an otolaryngologist will confirm the issue and determine if you’ve suffered hearing loss. Crackling in ear can be a symptom of Eustachian tube dysfunction, which occurs when the tube that connects the middle ear to the throat becomes blocked or doesn’t open properly. While tinnitus and resulting impairment are often incurable, an ENT will provide you with techniques or prescribe hearing aids to mitigate the problem.

While you may already know that ENT doctors are experts at treating sinus and allergy issues, they often take care of complaints that don’t fall within the scope you might expect. From sleep disturbances to acid reflux to poor hearing, an ear, nose, and throat specialist can address much more than a runny nose.

Featured Photo by CDC on Unsplash