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Simple Tips For Better Sleep

Simple Tips For Better Sleep
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Simple Tips For Better Sleep

Are you looking to get a better shuteye? Well, you are going to love these simple tips For better sleep.

Avoid Electronics

Bright light tends to stimulate the brain, and so, if you use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or the TV when about to sleep, you are going to have a hard time. Consider diming any electronic or even shut them off before you hit the hay. 

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Bedtime

full stomach, especially of starch, will keep the body working rather than sleeping. As such, you don’t want to take meals that are heavy in carbohydrates right before bedtime. If you eat heavy meals, your body will experience a spike in blood sugar level, cause more arousal, and inhibit sleep-inducing hormones. Dairy is something else you will want to avoid as it makes you produce more mucus and causes congestion. This gives you less space to breathe, causing discomfort when sleeping. 

Skip The Evening Beer or Wine

Alcohol might make you sleepy, but it won’t be long before you wake up at night and have a hard time falling back asleep. Among other things, alcohol is known to worsen sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition where the jaw and soft tissue break your airway and breathing stops until you wake up just enough to move these muscles. This can happen without you knowing, but the mini-arousals will ultimately affect your sleep cycle. 

Stick To Your Sleeping Schedule

If you sleep at ten and wake up at 6, ensure you stick to this routine. Your body will adapt to it such that it automatically knows when it is time to sleep or wake up. Ensure you do this during the weekends as well to avoid disrupting the cycle.


Did you know that working out during the day can be good for your sleep? When you work out your muscles, they need time to repair, and this best happens when you are deep asleep. An ideal workout routine can help boost your sleeping hormones. 

Check Your Bedroom Temperature

60 to 68 degrees is the ideal temperature for sleep. Any higher and you will be hot and any lower, and you will be chilled. 

Sleep In The Right Position

Sleep In The Right Position
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

A comfortable sleep position on a quality lull mattress is vital for a good night’s sleep. However, if you’re prone to sleep apnea, you might worsen the condition by sleeping on your back. As mentioned earlier, this happens when the jaw and soft tissue fall back on the throat, thus blocking the airway. Sleep tests can be done in order to determine whether your sleep position makes the condition worse. If so, then you may need to use a CPAP machine and use CPAP masks in order to sleep soundly. 

Get Adequate Sleep

Everyone requires a bit of a different amount of sleep, but generally, at least 7 hours is recommended. So, even if you really want to watch an extra episode of your favorite show, keep in mind that sleep is vital for your health and that you need those seven hours of good sleep. 

So there you have it, a few excellent tips for getting a better night’s sleep.