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Proper Wild Review of All-natural Energy Shots

Proper Wild Review
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Proper Wild Review of All-natural Energy Shots

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get myself going in the morning without a cup of coffee. By mid-morning, if I don’t get that second cup, I have a hard time focusing and getting my work done. I would much prefer a more natural pick me up without all the caffeine, as it sometimes causes me headaches. I have been on the lookout for an All-natural Energy Shot that works. To my surprise, I may have found the perfect energy drink which contains all organic caffeine that tastes good and does not cause me headaches.  Keep reading for the complete Proper Wild Review.

If you are anything like me and hate even the smell of the energy drinks sold in the stores. Proper Wild may be the perfect energy boost for you. With no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, it’s the ideal morning or afternoon boost to your day. One-shot does have 2x more caffeine than a cup of coffee. But don’t worry, you will not get the jitters. Plus, this natural form of energy is long-lasting without the crash. I had my coworkers try them with me, and we all loved them. We all have different tastes, and we all had our favorite flavor. We enjoyed how smooth the shot was. Other energy drinks usually go down hard because of the thickness of the product. Not Proper Wild! It isn’t your typical energy drink that smells or tastes like cold medicine. This smooth all-natural energy supplement is perfect for everyone. There is one downside: It’s only sold online. This is a must-have product in my book!

The science behind Proper Wild

Proper Wild uses Organic Caffeine that comes straight from the Green Tea leaf. Green Tea has a naturally occurring amino acid, L-Theanine, providing purity that has multiple benefits to our body. Studies suggest that Caffeine and L-Theanine together increase concentration, cognitive alertness, and reduce jitters typically associated with most energy drinks. This combination produces one of the most effective energy drinks on the market today. To learn more about the fantastic science behind this combination of naturally occurring chemicals in Green Tea, check out the article L-theanine, a natural constituent in tea, and its effect on mental state.  

In the article, they demonstrated that L-theanine modulates the resting state of a person’s brain activity. The effect of these chemicals increases brain activity, achieving a relaxed but alert mental state via a direct influence on the central nervous system. These results have been replicated across multiple studies with a notably increased focus within the study participants. The scientist believes the combination of naturally occurring chemicals in Green Tea are critical to the ability to suppress distracting visual information during highly demanding tasks. This is excellent news for those of us that have trouble staying alert throughout the day; we now have a natural ingredient energy shot that assists us in getting through the day.


Once consuming the energy drink within 15 minutes, you will feel the effect for four to six hours. This is the best substitute for coffee or other energy drinks, allowing only natural ingredients into your body. Look for intense feeling of focus & productivity

  • Long-Lasting Energy – Smooth energy without the crash
  • Clean Ingredients – No preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no B.S.
  • Brain Fuel – Boost your focus and productivity
  • Reduced Jitters – Stay relaxed and focused for hours

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They come in 3 three great flavors Ginger, BlackBerry, and Peach Mango. With a team of dedicated engineers and foodies, Proper Wild cares about what you put in your body and has come up with the perfect all-natural energy drink you don’t have to think twice about consuming.