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How to Overcome Chronic Pain without Pills

A large part of the population suffers from chronic pain, which is usually linked to pain management pills dependency. Many Iraq veterans abused their pain medication and became dependent on them, in a similar way to World Wars veterans who became dependent to morphine.

To avoid this problem, you can try to overcome chronic pain without the help of pills, by embracing additional therapies.

Physical therapy

One of the least invasive treatments for pain is exercise. Get help from the best-rated pain physicians and work with them to create a custom routine that can help you soothe the pain. Exercising increases your mobility strengthens the bones and can trigger the release of endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers. Getting in shape helps you a lot in managing the pain and provides you with a better mood. You should consider investing in other options for pain relief, like a TENS machine or the occasional massage.


Acupuncture has been used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years to cure a large number of ailments, including pain. Research showed that acupuncture can relieve tension and pain, for a long time (up to several months). There are voices that claim this is only a placebo effect, but when it comes to chronic pain your goal is soothing the pain, so placebo or not, if it works you can embrace it. Plus, according to this article on CFAH, a study showed a 36% reduction in overall pain scores after 6 weeks of treatment with acupuncture. Compared to pills, acupuncture doesn’t lead to dependency, or side-effects, if it is conducted by a specialist.


Chronic pain can stem from depression and can actually be a symptom of depression. If your pain comes from a physical illness, the way you perceive it can make it worse. This is why psychotherapy can help you relieve the pain and the stress that comes with it. During psychotherapy, you will learn how to cope with the pain, how to listen to your body, and how to use your mind-power to control the pain and relax. This helps you relieve tension, which is a pain soother itself.

As part of this therapy, you can try hypnosis, which can provide you with the tools you need to cope with the pain on a daily basis. By tapping into your brain power you can also learn how to maintain a good mood, which is something very difficult when you are in pain.

Massage therapy

Massage provides a relaxing experience for everyone, but it can also relax your body and relieve the pain for some time. When you get a massage your nerves are relaxed and the blood flow is increased, which can soothe chronic pain, as well as migraines and stress.

Supplements and herbal remedies

Many people who suffer from chronic pain experience relief when they include herbal remedies in their diet. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, pepper, and turmeric are three of the most effective foods you can add to your diet to soothe the pain. They work thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect, which works like common pain management pills, like ibuprofen. You can simply add these to your diet or make a habit of crafting yourself a pain-relief smoothie every day, made from fruits, turmeric, and ginger.