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Icetubs for a speedy recovery

Icetubs for a speedy recovery
Dr. Dennis Cronk, CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Three ways for a speedy recovery

An injury is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. Not only can it hurt a lot, but it also heavily hinders you in your everyday life. Therefore, you want your injury to be over as soon as possible. Of course, not every injury can be fixed within days, but some things can be done to make the recovery go a little bit quicker. In this blog, we’ll list three things that will help you to have a speedy recovery!

1. Massage

This first option might be an open door, but a massage can do wonders for any injury. It’s important to note that we recommend going to a physiotherapist for a successful massage, as these people know what they’re doing. However, a massage in the slightest form already has a positive effect on your body. It keeps the muscles around your injury warm, which helps with your recovery.

2. Keep moving!

Even though it might hurt a little, it is very important to keep moving. Of course, it’s not always possible to move the injured body part, but even then, we still recommend continuing to move in general. A healthy body has a much easier time recovering from an injury than a body that was already unfit, to begin with. 

If you are able to move your injured body part, this is even better! Moving will ensure that the body part doesn’t get sore, which helps a speedy recovery.

3. An ice tub

It might sound like the worst thing ever, but entering an ice tub when you’re injured can do wonders. The cold surrounding your body forces your muscles to relax, which helps your injury to recover. We suggest googling Wim Hof, as he gives you some helpful tips on how to enjoy an ice bath. The most important part is taking full control of your breath, which helps your body relax and embrace the cold.

An ice tub is an ideal treatment that can also be very nice for your body once your injury is over. If you’re looking for the perfect ice tub, we suggest looking at icetubs.com, as they have several amazing models that fit right into your home or garden!