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SKG F5 Handheld Body Massager gun with heat

SKG F5 Portable Massager

Are you in search of the perfect handheld massager? I might have one for you. I was in a car accident a few years ago that resulted in spinal injuries. One of them was a slipped disk in my neck, causes pain that feels like a pulled muscle that goes down my arm, starting from my neck. I still see a chiropractor and get monthly massages to help alleviate the pain. Between my treatment, I do need some extra work on my neck at home. I have tried other handheld massagers and return them because they did not penetrate my muscle where the pain is. I came across this fantastic massager that gets deep, alleviating my pain. Check out the SKG F5 Body massager with a heated massage head. 

I was surprised by the power that this hand massager provides, all in a simple small design with three different massage speeds. It has the perfect setting for all your needs, whether it be deep tissue or surface pain, simply by switching one of the three removal heads that come with the massager.

Head number one is for a gentle and soothing massage. It is yellow, just like a tennis ball, and almost feels like one when feeling it on your back. To me, this has the same pressure as a standard massage at a parlor. 

Head number two has the number 8 on it, and it is for deep tissue massages. This head is perfect for me. I love deep tissue massages; this one worked perfectly for him.

Head number three is a hand-simulated massage head. This one is my favorite, with a flatter head with some grooves in it. This is perfect for my wife.

The handheld massager does have a heating end for penetrating deep into your muscle; it was hard to find out how to work the heating element, but once I figured it out, I enjoyed the warmth it emits. I kept thinking I had to hit the on button again to start the heat, but it was already on. It turns out I was turning the heat off before it was able to start heating. You have to turn on the massager and hit the heat button. It will be on low heat; give it another clink for medium and two clinks for high heat. Learning how to use the heated mood helps relax muscles. The heated end is smooth and slides over the skin very well. 

I would highly recommend this hand massager. This massager could be the perfect gift for any adult of any age with its lightweight and easy-to-grab handle. It was quite enough to watch TV without turning up the sound. If you decide to purchase this hand massager, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Kneading helps compress sore and tired soft tissue against each other or on the bone under the skin. Applying pressure against the surface of your skin will stimulate a knead effect against your muscles, thus relieving tension and pains from your muscles while increasing overall flexibility.


Tapping repeatedly produces a pounding effect on your muscles, stimulating blood flow and increases your muscle’s elasticity.


Similar to tapping, percussion also repeatedly pounds the muscles but with rhythm. The SKG F5 will apply a rhythmic tapping on your muscles to stimulate your sore and tired muscles to improve blood circulation around the area being percussed.


Based on what I have read about massages, they are beneficial for relieving both stress and pain. Regularly using a handheld massager can help alleviate your pain mainly by increasing the flexibility of those muscles allowing you to move more freely during daily use. Of course, to function properly throughout the day, keeping your massage next to your couch is an excellent way to remain active and pain-free.