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How to Cut Your Alcohol Intake without FOMO

Cut Your Alcohol Intake without FOMO

Young adults often mix socializing with alcohol drinking, without the intention of harming themselves. But the more they socialize, the more they drink, which can lead to alcohol addiction. In fact, most addictions start with social drinking, which also provides the drinker a sort of alibi for drinking.

The fact alcohol is legal is another problem, as people who suffer from FOMO use it to soothe their feelings, without thinking they can easily become addicted.

Cutting back on alcohol doesn’t mean cutting back on social activities, so here are some tips on how to enjoy the evening with your friends minus the alcohol.

Plan how much you drink

Before you go out, plan how much you want to drink for the night. Deciding how many drinks you have and how fast you finish them will help you drink fewer glasses. The more you hold on to a drink, your body will have more time to process the alcohol and you will be able to avoid overdrinking.

Engage your friends and family

There is nothing more important than the support of friends and family. You can click on https://www.pbinstitute.com/blog/support-groups-for-families-of-an-addicted-loved-one/ to find out more about how important it is to keep your loved ones involved in your efforts to cut down your alcohol intake. You might discover that your friends are encouraging you to drink a lot, either by their own habit of drinking, either by actively saying this.

Keep track of how much you drink

It might be hard to keep track of how much you drink, but it’s all worth it. Men should never drink more than four shots a day, while women should stop after three ounces. You should be keeping track of how many drinks you have or ask a friend to do it for you. Another option you have is keeping track of how many days in a row you drink. You can easily challenge yourself to stay alcohol free for at least 48 hours every week.

Watch your diet

Watch your diet

Eating and drinking enough water can help you control your alcohol intake and the effect of this drug on your body. It is always a good idea to eat before going out, as drinking alcohol on an empty stomach leads to a quick absorption. In turn, this leads to a quick intoxication. Another thing you need to consider is dehydration. The more you drink, the more dehydrated you become, so you need to drink water before going out and between shots.

Change your perspective on drinking

Ultimately, you need to change your perspective on drinking. Focus on the benefits of not drinking or drinking small amounts of alcohol. Your health is more important than anything and there are plenty of ways to have fun on a night out without drinking alcohol. You can cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink and then give up on it altogether, focusing on healthy living.

Once you’re addicted, its way harder to quit drinking and stay sober, so it’s always best to prevent addiction.

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