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What Is a Pilates Cadillac?

What Is a Pilates Cadillac?
Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Made popular by founder John Pilates in the 1920s, this form of exercise had continued to evolve.

You might walk into a studio to see an awesome Pilates Cadillac machine center-stage.

A Pilates Cadillac uses a pulley-system with resistance springs. This assists the body in improving alignment, strength, and inconsistencies in the body.

With all of those benefits on offer, you might be thinking of investing in a Pilates Cadillac.

What Is A Pilates Cadillac?

The story goes that John Pilates was in his workshop when a student entered. Upon seeing the machine asked, ‘What’s that John – your new Cadillac?’. From there, the name stuck.

Both John’s Reformer and Cadillac machines use a combination of bars, springs, pulleys. The carriage on the ‘mattress’ of the machine allows for smooth ‘driving’ during exercise.

Plus, its wheel system ensures alignment – one of the things Pilates is most concerned with. Where the machine differs and becomes, a Cadillac is with the addition of the trapeze.

A Cadillac has many connection points to the main structure. The frame, therefore, provides stability while dispersing stress evenly.

The Cadillac is a truly versatile machine. With it, exercise can be performed sitting, standing, swinging, or lying down. The adjustable features also make it perfect for assisted work.

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How Is A Pilates Cadillac Different?

As you might have noticed, a Pilates Cadillac is different from mat-based Pilates. 😉

But it also has some additions to even just a regular Reformer machine. Let’s break the Pilates Cadillac down into its two main parts and what they’re made up of.

The Reformer

With the same name as a school of Pilates, the reformer machine is what we could think of as the ‘bed’ section.

This bottom half ‘carriage’ usually includes:

  • A removable foot platform.
  • A pair of adjustable armrests to fit all users.
  • Posts behind the shoulders to secure the handles when not in use.
  • A padded and adjustable headrest.
  • Rotating pulleys are designed for articulation during exercise.
  • Adjustable and removable pulley lifts.
  • Hand and foot straps for comfort and control. 
  • A padded and adjustable foot bar.
  • Spring bar with varying positions.
  • A trolley with resistance springs from low to strong.
  • Padded and adjustable front fastening straps.

If that sounds like a lot of kit, it’s because it is. This is why Reformer Pilates is excellent for pupils of all abilities

It’s perfect, whether you’re looking for a serious workout or recovering from an injury. The Cadillac Reformer can be fully adjusted to suit.

Photo by Jessica Monte from Pexels

The Trapeze

The Trapeze element is where a simple Reformer machine becomes the Pilates Cadillac. The addition of what we can think of as the ‘frame’ allows for more challenging and aerial exercises.

With a Pilates Cadillac, you should expect to find:

  • A padded hanging trapeze bar.
  • An adjustable push bar with a safety strap.
  • A movable horizontal bar, suitable for the right position to fit the user. This also allows for resistance exercises outside of the ‘bed.’
  • Short and long springs from low to strong resistance for the trapeze.
  • Padded handles.
  • Perhaps even a pair of fuzzies that can be wound onto the horizontal bar. 

Who Needs A Pilates Cadillac?

The Pilates Cadillac offers a fully adjustable design for professionals in the sector. Whether this is for practitioners or advanced pupils, the Cadillac can cater to all needs.

A standard Reformer machine can be adjusted to suit students of all levels. However, the Cadillac is definitely reserved for those more advanced. 

It is not advised for elderly, recovering, or pregnant pupils to use a Cadillac’s trapeze. Lastly, try and get a Cadillac made from anodized steel, which will prevent friction and oxidization!

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