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The Best Exercises for Losing Weight Fast 

Exercises for Losing Weight Fast 
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The Best Exercises for Losing Weight Fast 

If you are looking to lose weight and want the best exercises to do so, you have come to the right place. Read our extensive guide for losing weight fast and exercises that will motivate you.  

NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) found that 36.5% of people above 18 years are overweight, whereas 15% are obese. Dieting and exercise are proven to assist you to lose weight fast. This article will explore various exercise routines to aid in your weight loss during the COVID era. The best part about losing weight through exercise is that it can be done anywhere and can be done with little or no equipment.  

In addition to losing weight, exercises strengthen your bones, increases stamina, endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Here, we have shared the Best exercises that can help you in losing weight safely.  

Best Calorie Burning Exercises for Losing Weight Quickly

Walking or Running

Walking is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to lose weight. It is the basic exercise to start with as it does not put too much stress on your joints and can be done almost anywhere.  

An average person can burn around 167 calories of fat by walking for just 30 mins. And the best part is that Walking doesn’t require any type of equipment. Just tie up your shoelaces, and you are good to go.  

When you have walked a few miles, you can try to run a few more for a few days. After running, you can switch to sprinting. Sprinting is a fantastic core exercise to lose weight and burn even more calories. 

Interval Training

Interval training has become a hot topic of late; Interval Training is the repeated process of exercising your body at regular intervals. It means that your heart rate will spike up once, followed by a period of rest and then a repeated challenging exercise. 

The other name for Interval Training is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that lasts for about 10 minutes. It is an efficient and effective way to burn calories fast. High-Intensity Interval Training requires you to push your body to its limits getting your heart rate up fast for an extended period, followed by a brief rest and repeat.  

Weight Training  

Weight Training or Strength Training is an effective weight loss exercise that is used to increase muscle strength. The more you train, the more you will build strength, and it will promote muscle growth.  

Weight Training exercises such as body lifting or weightlifting is the mother of all weight loss techniques. If you want to burn your fat quickly, strength training can be incorporated along with the dieting. Weight Training also serves a dual purpose in losing weight; first, it builds more muscles, and secondly, it burns more calories. 


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Swimming is the quickest way to lose weight and burn your fat if Walking and running are too dull. Swimming for about half an hour will burn 233 calories. Further, swimming can strengthen your arms, legs, and worn-out muscles. But wait? You should hire a swimming coach before starting with it. Your weight loss depends a lot on the type of swimming exercise.  

Let’s say a backstroke would burn 298 calories for 30 minutes swimming, and the butterfly stroke tends to burn around 400 calories for 30 minutes duration. Swimming is an excellent option for those suffering from high cholesterol and cardiac risks.


We wouldn’t consider Yoga as the quickest way to lose weight, but it is a better way of losing weight safely. Yoga serves various purposes for your body. It can make you physically and mentally fit while attaining spirituality. Losing weight by Yoga postures can help you burn calories and increase the body’s metabolism rate. Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga are the type of physical yoga exercises for losing weight. To effectively reduce your weight and burn body fat, you should perform Yoga three to five times a week for at least an hour.

Jump Rope

Rope Jumping is a full-body workout and an endurance booster exercise. Jumping may burn more than ten calories a minute. It may also help you get in shape by toning your muscles, hips, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. To add further advantage, it will open your arm and improve your metabolism. 


This was our list of Best exercises to lose your weight immediately. We have listed the best ways of losing weight during COVID from the comfort of your home. Besides the methods mentioned above, you can also employ kickboxing, cycling, pilates, and spinning techniques to safely lose weight. So, what are you waiting for now? Get the motivation for losing weight and start with these easy exercises. If you have more ways to recommend losing weight naturally, suggest to us in the comments box.  

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