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You Know You Want To: How To Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Each month, after the mortgage or rent check, is written, you look around your home.  As you calculate the value of each room, you can’t help but want more.  Oh yes, there is more.  How could you forget the square footage in the garage?  It’s a tight fit to get the car in there and you don’t mind parking on the driveway.  That means there’s plenty of opportunities to transform that empty space into a bona fide man cave.


Guys need to sit down and take a load off.  You could be traditional and furnish the garage space with reclining armchairs and couches.  However, it is a man cave, so you could be more creative and rustic.  For instance, scavenge through junkyards for the backseats of old cars.  Overstuffed bean bags, beach chairs, and oversized pillows also work.  Perhaps you have a friend who is a carpenter and can build you Adirondack chairs.  Also, don’t dismiss the ability to find great secondhand furniture.  Check Craigslist and local listings.



Most man areas are measured by the size and quality of the television.  Use a tape measure to figure the largest size that will fit in your garage.  One television will do if we’re talking about a living room, yet we’re talking about a man cave.  Consider purchasing multiple televisions to place on separate walls of the garage.  That way, guests can watch multiple matches come game days.  Quality televisions are relatively cheap these days.  If you’re going to go overboard, overdo it with televisions.


A man cave can be stocked with fun toys and plush furniture, but no one will be pleased if they’re uncomfortable.  Have temperature solutions for varying seasons.  Use humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ceiling and floor fans, or centralized heating and air ducts to control the temperature.  Moreover, consider insulating the space for better comfort.  Visit D&L Garage Doors Sacramento for information on new doors, repair, and maintenance.


The man cave does not have to take the shape of a bar or even feature alcoholic beverages, but memorabilia is precedent.  Deck the walls with posters, pennants, and pictures of hometown sports figures and teams.  Alternatively, choose a theme for your man cave.  Perhaps you and your friends love Star Trek or video games.  Man cave decor should reflect your beloved interests and hobbies.


Transforming the garage means upgrading security.  Place better locks on any garage doors leading to the outside of the house.  Connect home security systems to garage doors and windows.  Allow your dog to roam throughout the property to deter burglars.  Install video cameras around the premises.  Also, it’s smart to alert the police of your garage upgrade since it’s a potential target for thieves.



The amount and level of sound is a factor.  You want your man cave to function like a gathering spot and not a library.  At the same time, if you live in a neighborhood, you’ll need to mind your neighbors and public noise violation laws.  Take a trip to the hardware store and ask an associate how to soundproof a garage.  There are quick and cheap ways to reduce sound.


They say cleanliness is next to godliness.  Let’s face it; no one wants to hang around a dirty and dumpy garage, even if it’s called a “man cave.”  Unless you’re an avid cleaner, plan on paying maids to visit a few times per month. It’s easy to find a maid service in your location by simply searching “maid service Phoenix“, or for a maid service wherever you are based. Inside the home, you may get away with a wife, girlfriend, or roommates helping or doing all of the cleaning. Don’t assume your guy hut will get the same treatment.


Lighting can be a supplemental cost or a necessity depending on preference and desired ambiance.  You could get away with screwing in a lightbulb.  Otherwise, you have a long array of upgrades to consider.  Many enjoy watching television with minimal to no lighting.  On the other hand, you’ll want enough illumination to shed light on pool tables, dart boards, pinball machines, etc.



Can you have too much of a good thing?  How often do you plan on using your man cave?  Will it be a weekend spot to watch sporting events or will it be your go-to place as soon as you arrive home from the office?  Moreover, will you give the guys an open invitation or is the man cave reserved for special events?  The idea of a man cave sounds incredible.  However, be practical about the realities and repercussions of using it.

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