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How Yoga Can Help Strengthen Relationships


Summary: The way we connect to a person defines the relationship we share with them whether at work or society, every relation holds value in our lives. Yoga is the medium that aids us by strengthening our relationship and reading this blog make you know how yoga helps.

The age-old practice of yoga is a proven way that helps to sustain dynamic and healthy relationships in a person’s life. We are constantly listening to the stories of people who deal with relationship difficulties, and the same is the most debilitating and explosive aspects of their lives. Relationships are there to bring happiness and calmness to a person’s life rather becoming a reason for stress, unpleasant mood, and burden. With yoga, one can easily deal with the problem by advocating integrity and take an ethical approach towards life in terms of relationship and self-growth.

Yoga does help with relationship issues, not only the intimate ones but all those that matter to a person. So, here are the ways yoga helps strengthening all your relationships in the most rightful and natural manner.

Relationship with Self

The first and foremost relationship a person builds is with self, which acts as the base or foundation for other relationships to flourish. Apart from benefiting the body, mind, soul and emotions, the yogic practice also benefits the relationship you built with self. Yoga increases self-awareness and draws your attention to the inner-self that makes you aware of your feelings and turn you in a better person. The practice changes the mindset and overall attitude of seeing and understanding situations and helps you to form happy relationships and strengthens it as you grow into the practice.

Relationship with Family and Friends

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A good relationship stands on five pillars – truth, time, freedom, empathy and self-control, and all these can be easily implemented with the understanding of yogic practice. These factors contribute towards improvement of relations and strengthen it. A relationship is a two-way process, but when you practice the ancient art regularly, it builds a sense of calmness and mindfulness that makes you understand other people better and also their perspective. With the clear senses, you work on the same making your relationship with family and friends stronger.

Relationship with the Society

Yoga brings positivity eliminating negativity from thoughts and by stabilizing the emotions. It is said, people who are more positive tend to have true friends and find it easy to interact with people. It is the key factor in building a relationship with society and is a source of happiness. Positive people build strong and healthy social interaction, they celebrate differences, listen effectively, give time, develop healthy communication, develop empathy, and use trust as the ground principle. Yoga enhances these qualities and lets a person have a strong relationship with the society.

Relationship at Work

Another and perhaps the most important aspect of a person’s life is balancing and building a strong work relationship for both a healthy environment at work and professional growth. Yoga plays a major role in the same, as the practice enhances concentration and focus at work which results in improvement of performance. Yoga creates positivity, enhances creativity and improves productivity that is important for both work and building trust. The practice also gives you space to have amazing bond with your colleagues, co-workers, clients, and boss.

Romantic Relationship

Intimate relationships are the major cause of stress in a person’s life when it comes to personal issues.  The greatest area of self-transformation and growth lies in intimate relationships. Unstable emotions of rage or anger can spoil years of trust, respect, love, and understanding that result in people seeking separation. Divorces and breakups are common terms we hear every now and then, however with yoga, the graph can be dragged down.

When we hear of relations, romantic relations are the first thing that come to the mind, and why not, at one point intimate relationship become the essential most to grow. Yoga brings awareness, positivity, understanding, etc. and all this helps you to know about your partner well. It makes you a good listener and enhances communicating skills, this altogether helps in strengthening your romantic relationship.

Practicing partner yoga is also a great way of making the bond stronger. Yoga benefits the sexual life in many ways – it improves sexual drive, cures premature ejaculation, sparks up the intimacy, gives better orgasm that enhances sexual pleasure, and a lot more to help you with a romantic relationship.

Relationships are important, and yoga is designed for maintaining the physical and psychological connection between the two people in the subject. With regular practice, you can see the growth and path you came across in your every relationship, especially the romantic ones.

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes Yoga Retreat In Nepal. He loveswriting and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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