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Gym Motivation: How to Get It, How to Keep It

Gym Motivation

A true gentleman never backs out on his word, his promise, or his commitments. He pursues his dreams and aims to achieve his goals, playing the cards he’s dealt, never backing down. Nevertheless, sometimes the goals you set for yourself, such as getting back into shape after a prolonged winter break, can prove too cumbersome to fit into your busy schedule. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the mental capacity or the physical strength to uphold a fitness routine. And that’s perfectly fine.

What’s not fine is failing to find a solution to your problem, and accepting the fate you don’t want. A real man will always live life on his own terms. Whether you’re struggling financially or simply lack the time to hit the gym, there are a number of ways you can break the vicious cycle and find the motivation to transform your body, and your life for the better, like joining a 24 hour gym around Wantirna South. Here’s how to find your guiding star, and how to keep it with you for good.

Flip the schedule upside down

First things first, a gentleman rises with the early birds. That’s just proper conduct. But how you utilize this time in the break of dawn will greatly influence the rest of your day, and either set you up for success, or defeat the purpose of rising early altogether. The most important thing according to Healthovia, men fitness and health blog experts,  is to be as productive in the morning as possible.

Now, keep in mind that productivity stems from simplicity, so don’t overburden your morning routine with chores and tasks, but rather keep it simple and to the point. Upon waking up and hitting the bathroom, go ahead and jump straight into your workout. Instead of skipping every other training session because you’re too tired after a long day at the office, get it over with first thing in the morning – this will help you stay consistent and dedicated over the long term.

When you’re done with your workout, you will be ready to tackle the day. Have a healthy breakfast to fuel your body, pick your outfit, and head out towards a successful and productive day.

Switch up your routine


Have you been following the same old routine for God knows how long? Have you been using the same amount of weight and following the same training split month after month with little to no variety? It’s time to revitalize your entire training regimen. However, this is oftentimes easier said than done, so let’s start with the basics.

Begin by noting down your long-term goals, even if they haven’t changed. This will remind you of why you’ve started training in the first place. If your goals did change over the months and years, you will have reminded yourself that your routine needs to change with them.

Next, ascertain the best way to achieve these goals. Want to build muscle? Find a realistic bodybuilding split you can work into your routine. Want to increase your cardiovascular performance? Consider a hybrid training program that combines HIIT and steady-state cardio. Want to become stronger and lift as much weight as possible? Join a powerlifting gym or find a power-building program online. Remember, change is good for you, and it will help you rediscover your passion to push towards your goals.

Wear proper workout attire

There are a number of reasons why the clothes and accessories you wear in training matter for your overall success and performance. And as a gentleman, you understand that the way you dress can have a profound impact on your psychological and emotional well-being, effectively influencing your confidence and self-esteem. After all, if you look like a slob, you will feel and conduct yourself like one.

Dressing in proper gym wear is therefore an essential step towards building a determined, unrelenting mindset, as it allows you to influence the reflection in the mirror to project an image of strength and unyielding confidence. What’s more and sometimes even more important for your longevity in training, athletic clothing allows you to stay safe during your workouts, as it’s crafted to support proper blood flow, and compress the joints in key areas to minimize the risk of injury. So ditch the plain cotton T-shirt and instead equip yourself for top performance, and watch as you start to gain the motivation you deserve.

Boost performance and results with healthy nutrition

healthy nutrition

Healthy eating is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and should be an inextricable part of your fitness routine if you want to reach your goals faster and progress through your fitness journey with tangible results on a weekly basis. Remember, you cannot outperform a bad diet, so if you want a complete body makeover, you will need to alter your nutrition and part ways with all unhealthy foods in your life.

Particularly, you want to boost the muscle-building process by emphasizing protein intake in your diet consisting of high-quality protein sources such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and legumes. You can also include protein sources with healthy fats such as various nuts and seeds. Secondly, don’t skip out on carbohydrates, especially if you’re training hard. Your body uses carbs to create ATP, or energy, to fuel all bodily processes and most importantly, to fuel your workouts. Once you have nailed your nutrition, you should have an easier time sticking to your fitness regimen as a whole.

Find the ideal training environment

Much like in your personal and professional life, the people you surround yourself with and the environment you dwell in for the majority of your day can have a profound influence on your long-term well-being, both mentally and physically. This means that if you want to motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals and actually fall back in love with regular exercise, you will need to find a training environment that is supportive and empowering.

For example, if you’re looking to become as strong as possible, you would be better off joining a hard-core strength gym rather than your corner-side commercial gym. Why? Because there you will find the people who share your passions and are working towards the same goals you are. Likewise, don’t join a gym if you’re looking to improve your aerobic performance, but rather take your training outside and join a HIIT group at a local park.

Tend to proper post-workout recovery

On a final note, understand that you cannot expect to stay in the fitness game if you don’t learn how to recover from your workouts. After all, fitness is not your primary vocation, and there is a whole host of responsibilities waiting for you outside the gym. Between your personal responsibilities and chores, and your professional commitments at work, it can be quite difficult to uphold a steady training schedule.

Fail to rest and recover from your workouts, and you are likely to abandon your fitness goals in a matter of months or even weeks. To prevent this, be sure to optimize your sleep schedule as well as your post-workout routine.

You can start by stretching and foam-rolling after every workout to minimize the onset of muscle soreness. Next, have a hearty meal to repair damaged muscle tissue and your central nervous system. Stay active during the day, and walk around the office instead of sitting down in order to support healthy blood flow. Before bed, have a protein shake make sure you turn in at the same time every night and aim for at least seven to eight solid hours of sleep. This will ensure you wake up refreshed and energized every morning, ready to take on the world and crush your next workout.

Final thoughts

The problem of finding the motivation to work out and sticking to your fitness goals should not be mocked or trivialized. The truth is that this is an arduous process that requires commitment and a lot of effort, but it’s doable if you have the right plan to back you up. Use these tips to rekindle your passion for fitness and set a clear path to your long-term goals.