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Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness – Without Realizing It

For many people, the idea of getting fit and healthy fills them with dread. Gym culture, horrendous workouts, and tough to conquer exercise regimes aren’t for everyone, let’s be honest. But there are plenty of things we can all do that can help us become fitter, without too much effort at all – and they can be fun, too. While the following activities won’t get you ripped or improve your VO2 Max to that of an Olympic champion, they will help you burn calories, feel healthy, and extend your life expectancy. Read on to find out more on the simple activities you should be doing more of to improve your overall health.

Active video games

Video games are far from the demon that some people portray them as. But let’s face it, sitting around in a comfortable chair for a few hours every day is hardly doing your fitness any good. Instead, why not mix things up a little and start playing more active games. Grab yourself a Wii console, clear some space in your living area, and get moving for an hour or two of frenetic fun. And if you do want to return to your favorite FPS title, don’t slouch on the couch – try and start playing standing up. Speaking of which…

Get a stand-up desk

Humans evolved to stand up, move around, hunt, walk, and run. It was not designed to be confined to an office chair for endless hours. Science states quite clearly that spending your life sitting down all day means you will be destined for an early grave. So, buy or build a standing desk. You’ll burn more calories, improve your posture, and strengthen your legs all at the same time.

Play more golf

Playing golf isn’t just a networking opportunity. It’s also a great way to improve your fitness. Dragging your golf drivers and putters around in a bag for 18 holes is a reasonably tough workout – and even if you use a motorized cart, you’ll still end up walking around 2 miles on the average full-size course. Plus, the action of swinging your clubs is great for the core, and there is evidence that golf reduces stress, is ideal for well being, and can even improve your mental alertness.

Hit the club

Getting too old for the nightclub? If so, it’s a shame, as you are missing an incredible workout once or twice a week. Dancing a straight 5-8 hours burns off an insane amount of calories, and as long as you stay off the booze and sugary drinks, you can count it towards your healthy activities. So, the next time your partner questions your night time social life, you have the perfect excuse to tell them – dancing the night away is going to add years to your lifespan.

Kid’s games

Being an adult is no fun – unless you join in with the kids. Your children’s games and activities help them burn off a bucketload of energy, so why not play with them? Tag, kick the can, capture the flag – not only will they help you burn calories and get fit, but they’ll also be a lot of fun.

Any more suggestions? Let us know about them in the comments.