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8 Quick Ways to Fix Sore Muscles

Ways to Fix Sore Muscles
Image by Taco Fleur from Pixabay

8 Quick Ways to Fix Sore Muscles

Your muscles get sore when you increase your workout intensity or when you exercise in a way that your body isn’t used to. The muscle soreness ranges from barely noticeable to extremely painful, depending on your workout’s type and intensity. Lets explore 8 quick ways to fix sore muscles

Muscle soreness is of two types: acute and delayed onset.

Ways to Fix Sore Muscles
Image by Taco Fleur from Pixabay

Acute muscle soreness occurs while you are doing your activity. If you experience severe muscle soreness due to an intense activity or bad posture during the activity, you should stop the exercise immediately; otherwise, it could lead to joint or muscle damage. 

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs 12 hours to 24 hours after the workout. You usually get up sore the next morning. The sore muscles last for up to 3 days. DOMS hurts, but it helps in muscle repair. 

Why you experience muscle soreness after exercise?

When you exercise, the muscles fibers tear slightly, leading to hypertrophy (muscle cells become bigger). Once these muscle fibers recover, your muscles get bigger and stronger.

If you have sore muscles, you may need a little help with the recovery. Try these tips to get rid of sore muscles.

1. Keep yourself hydrated.

Staying hydrated helps in muscle recovery. When you are well hydrated, the fluids keep moving through your system, which helps in flushing the toxins out, easing the inflammation, and delivering the nutrients your muscles need. 

2. Use a foam roller.

foam roller
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Studies have found that foam rolling immediately after the exercise and 24 hours later with a high-density foam roller may reduce muscle tenderness, decrease edema, enhance tissue healing and decrease the impact of one’s dynamic movements. 

3. Get a massage.

A study has found that a massage after exercise reduces the release of cytokines (the compounds responsible for inflammation in the body), thereby reducing pain significantly. A massage also stimulates mitochondria in cells, thus promoting cell function and repair. 

4. Apply heat or an ice pack.

A heating pad is a vasodilator – it opens up your blood vessels, increases the blood flow, flushes the byproducts, and reduces the inflammation caused due to sore muscles. When you add an ice pack to the mix, it becomes a perfect combination to get rid of sore muscles. Alternating cold and heat treatment (20 minutes each) reduces muscle pain. 

5. Wear compression gear.

Compression clothing is a great tool to wear before, during, and after sports activities. These tight garments are known to promote blood circulation that helps reduce soreness and recover the muscles. 

Working out causes your muscles to become inflamed. As a response to the inflammation, there is an increase in fluid and white blood cells to the affected area, resulting in increased pressure, swelling, and, therefore, pain.  

Compression gear puts pressure on the muscles, thereby reducing the fluid buildup, decreasing the pressure and swelling. Blood flow is increased to the affected areas; it removes lactic acids and creatine kinase, which cause sore muscles. 

6. Get good sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of muscle recovery. Clean sleep increases protein synthesis, which is needed to repair the muscles. So, make sure that you sleep at least for seven hours. 

7. Don’t take NSAIDs.

NSAIDs (pain killers) may help you get rid of pain, but they interfere with the muscle rebuilding process and prevents your muscles from growing stronger and bigger. 

8. Eat antioxidants and proteins.

Proteins not only refuel your muscles, but they also aid in the recovery process. And when you add antioxidants to the meal, they speed up the recovery process. Eat a lot of protein (fish and chicken) and antioxidant-rich (pomegranate and kale) foods. 

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