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The 6 Do’s and Don’t’s of Gym Attire

None of us like to look stupid at the gym. It’s hard enough trying to get a workout in without thinking you’re doing it all wrong. By now, I’m sure we’ve all had a few certain gym rules drummed into us:

  • “wipe down the machines with a towel, you pig.”
  • “Stop the excessive grunting when you’re lifting, it wasn’t impressive the first time.”
  • “Always wear deodorant. No exception.”

When it comes to what to wear at the gym, the rules are a bit more sketchy. While everyone’s gym clothing is different, there are a few unwritten guidelines when it comes to what to wear when working up a sweat. Whether it’s to keep yourself comfortable or simply not to direct any unwanted attention your way, here is a list of 6 do’s and don’ts when it comes to fitness menswear:

Do: Stylish Training Top
Or near enough any top for that matter. A decent and suitable top has never hurt anyone, let’s say for example Under Armour. Not only do these tops look good, they also have technology built into the seams to get rid of the sweat you build up during your workout.

Don’t: Skin Tight T-shirts

You want your gym clothes to be comfortable. What you don’t want is to be in the middle of doing a few bicep curls and hearing a massive rip.


Do: Vest Top

Divides opinion, but I’ll leave this in the do’s. Perfect for lifting weights. Will be worthwhile actually putting on a bit of muscle mass before you get one, though.

Don’t: Shirts with ‘Ironic’ Slogans on

Yeah, I’m looking at you in the ‘Suns Out, Guns Out’ shirt. Pack it in. It’s not big and it’s not clever.

Do: Shorts

Breezy is the aim of the game here, a decent pair of shorts will keep you cool when you’re running long distances on the treadmill.

Don’t: Short-Shorts

While I fully encourage you to be comfortable in the gym, when you don a pair of short-shorts, you’re wandering into the dangerous territory of too comfortable. Some sights are best left to the imagination.


Do: Tracksuit Pants

If you don’t fancy braving the cold this winter, tracksuit pants are another good option to cover your legs, like these tracksuit pants from Intense Menswear.

Don’t: Jeans

Jeans are pretty much wearable in most given situations – except this one. The denim material can’t possibly be comfortable and you’ll look ridiculous in them. It’s a no from us.

Do: Training Shoes

Not everyone needs a pair of running shoes for the gym, unless you’re hitting the track, then a good-looking, breathable pair from Mallet Footwear will do the job.

Don’t: Sandals

Great for the beaches, bad for the benches. Don’t believe me? Try and walk on the treadmill wearing a pair. Go on. Try it.

Do: Wool Workout Socks

These are the best socks for the gym, no question. They absorb moisture, resist odor and feel as cool as cotton. Easy choice.

Don’t: Your Birthday Suit

You may laugh, but there’s always one in the changing room. Sure, you don’t have to be embarrassed at your body when you get out the shower, but is the ten minute ‘flossing’ technique really necessary?

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