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Custom Supplements Let You Create the Perfect Mix for Your Age and Gender

Custom Supplements
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Custom Supplements Let You Create the Perfect Mix for Your Age and Gender

Your personal trainer’s and your gym partner’s mantra of “protein, protein, protein” for muscle building pegged it. You need to increase your protein intake to build muscle, especially for contact sports, bodybuilding, and weight lifting. but what about suplimnets and can Custom Supplements provide your body all it needs!

Of course, you need to pay attention to your diet and focus on healthy mechanisms of intake. While milk, fish, pork, beef, and soy all provide high protein levels, the best choices for you will depend on many factors such as your age and gender.

Custom Supplements
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash


It’s true. Too much soy protein in your diet lowers your testosterone levels, so it makes a poor choice for men who want to seem, well, manly. Never fear vegans. You have other options like nuts, quinoa, and oatmeal. Soy works great for women, though, who need not worry about testosterone levels.

Milk and fish work better for muscle gain for younger men, but you should transition to lean pork and beef to lose fat and gain muscle as you age. Older bodybuilders and weightlifters can enjoy a lean steak without guilt.

Of course, if you want the best results, you should include the use of protein supplements at any age. As you might have inferred by reading the above information, custom supplements serve you better and help you reach your goals more quickly than an off-the-shelf option that might contain the type of protein that works against what you want to achieve if you happen to be male – a manly, muscled physique. You need a supplement with no soy in it, so you retain your t-levels while building muscle. You can purchase the BCAA + EAAS complex by EHP labs. It is aimed at improving energy and muscular recovery. Real must-have for those people who work out a lot.

According to Popular Science, your protein supplement only requires two ingredients for the best results: creatine and casein. Creatine helps you as long as you work a little harder. Do an extra set of reps or add a few reps to each set, and you see better results with the creatine because it assists your muscle performance. It does not produce the same results if you do not work out or do not add to your typically reps. It earned a bad reputation early on regarding potential kidney damage, but that turned out to be false. You do need to drink more water when taking any protein supplement, though.

Protein Powder
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Casein, like whey, is derived from milk, typically in the cheese-making process. Some people have allergies that preclude them from using this ingredient because they have a milk allergy. It is safe for others. It not only dissolves better than whey, but it also helps you hydrate.

These two ingredients in a supplement that does not use amino spiking in its formation process, a procedure that reduces the usable protein, work best. Also, avoid supplements that include heavy metals. These appear more often in plant-based protein supplements because what grows in the ground with heavy metals in it inherently grows into the crop.

Of course, you can easily avoid these problems by purchasing from a company that provides custom powder manufacturing rather than an off-the-shelf one. Skip their marketing and advertising and, instead, read the labels. You can quickly determine that a supplement that lets you pick and choose the ingredients works better for you on multiple levels.

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