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Bad Habits You Should Want to Break and Why You Should Want to Break Those Habits

Bad Habits You Should Want to Break and Why You Should Want to Break Those Habits
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Bad habits are habits that are not good for you. They may be bad for your mental health, physical health, and/or life longevity. Unfortunately, while most of us know that bad habits are not good for us, we do not have the desire, the willpower, or the know-how to break those bad habits on our own. This is where DrJud.com comes in. Dr. Jud uses different techniques to help you finally overcome your bad habits once and for all. While there are many different bad habits that he can help you overcome, some of the most common are listed below, along with the reasons why you should want to stop and correct these bad habits.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is one of the most common bad habits. Emotional eating typically happens when somebody is sad or frustrated. Emotional eating often starts by rewarding yourself with food. For example, you may feel like you are having a bad day, and thus you deserve that piece of chocolate cake or that bowl of ice cream. However, if you have multiple days where you are frustrated, sad, depressed, or overwhelmed, you can quickly eat too many calories and put on weight. Being overweight can lead to a multitude of health problems, so stopping or preventing emotional eating is important.


Smoking habits
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One of the worst habits that you can have is smoking. Smoking causes many health problems, including lung disease, throat cancer, and breathing problems. While many people know that smoking is bad for them, they are addicted to nicotine and the habit of physically taking a smoke break and smoking during that time. This can make it extremely challenging to quit. However, being able to quit helps to improve your health while also helping you to save money by not purchasing expensive cigarettes or vaping products.

Stress Shopping

Stress shopping
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Stress can cause people to act out in several ways. They are tired of feeling the way that they are feeling, and they want to do anything to break their mood and make themselves happy. One of the ways that people can act out if they are stressed is by stress shopping. People may go to the mall or their favorite stores and purchase items that they do not need. They can quickly find themselves spending money that they do not have or money that is budgeted for other things. Stress shopping can be a hard habit to break as buying things can make you instantly happy. 


When it comes to anger, there may be behaviors surrounding your anger that you wish to change. Being quick to anger or not knowing how to deal with anger in a healthy way can both be bad habits. Some people become so enraged that they want to immediately yell, throw something, slam a door, or physically injure themselves or somebody else. While you cannot and should not try to prevent yourself from feeling angry, you want to break the bad habits you have surrounding anger and how you deal with anger. Learning to deal with anger healthily is the key to break bad habits surrounding anger. 


Most people become self-conscious or judge themselves at some point in time. This in and of itself is not a bad habit. However, some people become so self-judgmental that they struggle to feel normal in social settings. They may struggle with the way they look, the way they talk, or the way they feel. Judging yourself partially can interfere with your self-confidence as well as the way other people view and perceive you. Working on your self-esteem and trying to be less judgmental towards yourself can be hard, but it is important to your overall mental stability and mental health.

DrJud.com uses different techniques to help you overcome the bad habits that may be affecting your life and your health. If you have bad habits that you are looking to overcome, using a support system can be extremely beneficial, as it helps to hold you accountable and provides you with support should you falter. Look into different support systems and habit-breaking systems to learn more. 

Featured Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash