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Types of Jacket Every Man Should Own


Owning a jacket is vital in keeping you warm during winter; however, that’s not only what they’re made for. A jacket can not only keep you warm or dry during winter and rainy seasons, but it can also serve a fashionable purpose by completing your outfit. Finding the right jacket can get tricky, so we’ve rounded up 7 jackets types that every man should own. 

1. Bomber Jacket 

Stylish menswear is often inspired by the military, and this one is no different as the bomber jacket was originally worn by Air forces. Also known a flight jacket, today, it’s a favorite among men for its stylish and casual appearance. It has fitted or elastic waists and cuffs and come in leather, nylon, and wool materials, which makes it perfect for casual weekend hangouts. 

2. Denim and Trucker Jackets

Trucker Jackets
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These types of jackets were wildly popular since Levi’s first introduced them in the 1800s. They often give a rebellious vibe that every carefree man should own. Denim jackets come in many styles, but a trucker jacket, especially with Sherpa lining, is the most popular. According to top men’s sherpa jackets, Sherpa jackets are an essential staple to fight cold and frigid days. They also mix ruggedness with fashion. Denim jackets can also work for daytime fashion during autumn. They’re durable and versatile. Even though blue denim is the most popular, Trucker jackets come in an assortment of styles, such as suede, but still keep its design of short-fitted and double chest pockets.

3. Biker Jacket 

Whether you own a hog or not, biker jackets will always remain timeless and super-cool. They’re short, close-fitting, and come in leather with zippers and studs which make you appear tough but stylish. Marlon Brando made this jacket iconic in the 50s, and they’re known to release your edgy side. They can complete any outfit, especially if you’re pairing it with denim and a t-shirt. 

4. Harrington Jacket 

Also known as a Blouson or a Baracuta jacket, this waist-length and lightweight jacket was made popular by Elvis and James Dean, but its origin starts in Britain. Nowadays, it comes in many solid colors, but still boasts the classic collar with fitted cuffs and an elastic waist. It can be paired with a white t-shirt, black jeans, and Chelsea boots. This ‘spring jacket’ is a must-have item for any man looking for a hard-cut style. 

5. Parka Jacket 

Originally, this hip-length jacket with a fur-lined hood was designed for winter weather and was used as ‘hunter’ jackets or by natives in the arctic. Nowadays, they’re a staple in fashion and one item you should own. Whether you’re wearing them casually or to handle the tough climate, they come in many colors and patterns. 

6. Technical Jacket 

This is another jacket that has found many purposes different than what it was originally created for. Originally, they were made out of gabardine to handle the toughest weather with water-resistance functions. Nowadays, many athletic brands have recreated this jacket with other and better waterproof fabrics as well as enhancing its fashionable sense. They’re practical and stylish, what’s not to love? 

7. Down Jacket

Also known as a ‘puffer’ jacket, it’s one item that you can’t go wrong with. 90s hip-hop culture helped boost this jacket into fame, and now, many outdoor and athletic brands have enhanced its features with water-resistant materials and updated styles. Its unique design is known for battling the toughest of chills. They come in many colors and can be paired with any style. 

Buying a new jacket is possibly an exciting purchase to make for any stylish man. With an endless variety to choose from, any man will be able to find a jacket that will keep him warm and upkeep his fashionable sense simultaneously. 

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