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Styling Tips for Short Men

Styling Tips for Short Men
Photo by Fran on Unsplash

Height is among the many things in life that we don’t have any control over. The use of clothes to enhance one’s appearance is common. While we might be all perfect the way we are, there is no shame in putting extra effort into your dressing according to your body type. If you are a naturally short person, keep reading this article for the best styling tips.

1. Don’t Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

Slim fitting clothes are ideal since they enhance your body type, unlike loose-fitting clothes that cover you up and make you appear shorter. While it is a topic that’s subject to personal taste, it is always advisable to wear clothes as slim as you are comfortable with. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  •  Avoid wearing pants that stack up on top of the shoes
  •  Don’t wear jackets that go past the knees
  •  Avoid wearing sleeves that go past the wrists
  •  Invest in custom-tailored clothes that fit you perfectly

2. Avoid Wearing Belts

Wearing a belt creates a horizontal line around the waist that not only disrupts the clean lines in your outfit but also makes you appear shorter and broader than you actually are.

3. Use Accessories That Are Proportional to Your Size

Man looking at watch
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

It is a simple tip: wear accessories proportional to your size and height. For instance, if you have a small wrist, you should consider wearing a smaller watch since a larger one will most likely appear too big.

4. Medium or High-Rise Pants are Preferable

It is a highly effective tip to keep in mind. If you wear medium or high-rise pants, the legs will appear longer than they actually are. Wearing low rise pants will naturally shorten your legs, thus making you appear shorter.

5. Avoid Wearing Bulky Outerwear

We understand that it sometimes gets cold. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t wear warm clothes; we would just like to recommend that you avoid wearing puffy outerwear since it makes your figure appear shorter. A better idea would be some properly insulated layers to keep you protected from the colder days and harsh winds.

6. Small Scale Patterns are More Preferable

People say that horizontal stripes should be avoided altogether, but we would like to argue otherwise. A better idea would be to ensure that the stripes aren’t thick but rather thin. Thick horizontal lines tend to look too big on short people.

7. Modern Collar Styles Are Better

Modern collar styles tend to have a profile that perfectly suits shorter guys. Our button-down modern, cut-away modern, as well as modern club collar, are all great for short men.

8. Match Colors

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Image from Free-Photos on Pixabay

When you dress for your height, it is all about simplicity and proportions. If you match the colors in your outfit, you will increase the length of your silhouette. In contrast, two different colors are likely to break it up.

9. Wear Slim Footwear

Shoes with a square design or broad toes tend to make you appear shorter, so buy slim shoes that follow your foot’s contour and have a rounded toe for lengthening your appearance. If you’re going for trainers, then think like this too – the style currently is slim. If you’re looking for something modern, then we can recommend the best Adidas Yeezys

10. Custom-Tailored Clothes Are Idea;

We have saved the best styling tips for last. If you choose custom-tailored clothes, you won’t need to worry whether your dress shirt looks too baggy, your trousers too close to the shoes, or your suit jacket too long. Custom-tailored clothes always look best whether you are slim, tall, short, or broad.

Featured Photo by Fran on Unsplash