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Why Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Doesn’t Need to Cost the Earth

Do you remember how it felt shopping for jewelry for your girlfriend this past Valentine’s Day? It was likely stressful, expensive, and an overall confusing process. Now imagine Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring when you are ready for the next step. Do you know what separates a good diamond from an okay one?

As you hit the jewelry stores more confusion will set in – there are so many styles, cuts and metals while the cost can be intimidating.  Have you only considered a classic engagement ring? Engagement rings don’t need to cost the earth when man-made diamonds are becoming more socially, ethically, and environmentally favorable each year.

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Lab grown diamonds like the ones offered by Ada Diamonds are grown from carbon by recreating the  extreme pressure and temperatures found under the Earth . Lab grown diamonds contain the same chemical composition, crystal structure and, most importantly, optical properties as mined diamonds.  Ada Diamonds offers the ability to extract the carbon from a meaningful source, such as mementos from your relationship, family heirlooms, or your college diploma, and use this to grow a diamond that is exactly the size, color and shape that your girlfriend or fiancé prefers.

What makes man-made diamonds different?

It is true that there are plenty of jewelers out there who are creating customized, bespoke pieces with quality diamonds.  But few can boast something as unique as those offered by Ada Diamonds – because these are man-made diamonds.

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Ada’s Diamonds is the first custom fine jeweler to offer exclusively lab grown diamonds in their pieces. They utilize cutting edge technology and a 21st century supply chain to produce conflict free jewelry for their customers.

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Like many great businesses, Ada Diamonds was born from a bad shopping experience. In 2011, founders Jason Payne and Lindsay Reinsmith were shopping for lab grown diamonds for an engagement ring and encountered frustration with limited access to the stones and confusing information. A long time advocate for the environment, Lindsay knew she did not want a mined diamond of questionable origin. After their experience, Lindsay and Jason knew they weren’t the only consumers looking for an ethical alternative to mined diamonds, and in 2016, Ada Diamonds was born.

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One important thing to understand about lab-grown diamonds: they are primarily used for purposes other than gemstones. The majority of lab-grown diamonds are used for industrial, scientific, and computing applications. The reason laboratory grown diamonds are mainly used in this way is that the vast majority of earth-extracted diamonds are simply not good enough for these applications. Lab diamonds have been used for industrial purposes for years, but only recently have they been cut and polished to be used for gems and jewelry.

How Man-Made is Different. There are a number of issues with the use of natural diamonds. The true value of a natural diamond is highly inflated due to a monopoly between a few producers. The truth is that diamonds are actually in abundance, but you would probably never know that due to clever marketing.  Like any natural resource, there is only a finite supply. However, the supply far exceeds the demand many times over.  Over 5 billion carats of diamonds have been mined out of the Earth over the centuries.

The other issue is that in some parts of the world, diamonds are used to fund conflict, with areas of west and central Africa being the most notable.  These diamonds have been labeled Conflict Diamonds by the United Nations. While the diamond industry has a policy of zero tolerance towards conflict diamonds, that policy is barely making a dent with plenty of workarounds for motivated producers and sellers. There is virtually no real way to know that the diamond you purchase in your local jeweler is a conflict diamond or not.

The buying experience

Another aspect you may find intimidating while searching for the perfect engagement ring is the actual shopping and selection process.  Ada Diamonds is different. Ada Diamonds prioritizes a passion for quality, an enthusiasm for technology, a philanthropic pledge that sees money going to good causes for every sale, and a belief that fine jewelry should brighten the whole world.  They know that women want fine diamond jewelry, but not stones that costs the Earth – both in literal terms and financially.


Ada Diamonds provide ecologically and socially conscious alternatives to mined diamond jewelry that use truly eco-friendly systems with minimal energy and no harm to river communities or our oceans.  The stones even classify as vegan, something that may fascinate your fiancés friends and family at her bridal shower.

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Ada Diamonds have adopted the tech friendly environment surrounding their headquarters. They offer concierge-led shopping experience that make for a high-touch process.  Ada Diamonds offer their passion and knowledge to customers to both educate and help guide you and your partner throughout the decision-making process.  This removes that nagging feeling of choosing the ‘wrong’ stone or ring.

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Their special relationship with the labs producing these diamonds has led to the availability of higher carat cultured stones and even colored diamonds at a fraction of the cost of the mined version.  This has led to partnerships with companies such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Koenigsegg Automotive.

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Conclusion

It’s already 2017 and the social stigma of an earth grown stone is no longer as important as it once was. Lab grown diamonds are a suitable alternative to forward thinking brides and grooms that value design, ethics, and the environment.