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When To Wear A Bow Tie with Dapper Godz

Bow Ties have always been staple accessories for black tie events and weddings, but things are a changing. Don’t get me wrong that is still true, but bow ties are now becoming a trend for every ensemble. The question is then, when do we wear a bow tie?

Well I have the answers for you. Let’s break it down and before you know it we will all be rocking a bow tie whenever we can.

The Job Interview

Some of us struggle with what to wear on an interview on a daily basis. Whether it be a suit, polo & slacks or a button down & nice denim. The great thing about bow ties are that they can be worn with any three of these interview ensembles. If you want to stand out in that next interview not only do you bring that resume, but do a striped bow tie with a bright colored lapel pin. You are bound to make an awesome first impression.

Date Night

The ever-important date night is all about spicing up your everyday look for your partner. A perfect way to do that is busting out a bow tie. Whether you’re at happy hour or a romantic dinner, the bow tie is always appropriate. For your weekly date night, the bow tie should be subtle yet dapper all in one like this black and white stripe one. Now go out there and spice up your next date night.

Sporting Events


All kinds of sporting events are about showing up in your team colors. It isn’t just about showing your team loyalty, but looking good while doing it. It is fun to show off when your team is playing especially it is with a team colored bow tie. Celebrate your team at the next game or viewing party with a team supportive bow tie. Go Team Go!

Bow Ties are meant to be worn whenever the mood strikes you from a wedding to your team’s championship game. When you do decide to wear a bow tie remember to channel your inner dapper man. Be sure to throw some Dapper Godz on it!

~Dapper Godz