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Top 10 Popular Men Hairstyles in 2019

Top 10 Popular Men Hairstyles in 2018

For bringing you the latest trends for your hair in 2019, we’ve searched through an amazingly wide collection of men hairstyles and selected the ultimate 10 choices. If you’re looking to make a change this year but don’t know what it should be, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry, there’s a suitable style for anyone in this list. No matter if you prefer to keep things on the classic side or want to go for a statement look, or if you have short hair, long hair, blonde hair, black hair, curly or wavy or straight, there’s something in here to please all tastes and givens.

The secret to a trendy hairstyle for men in 2019 is a mild reinvention of the classics. Retro and classic hairstyles are still going strong, and there’s no need to go completely bonkers in order to be in style. However, this doesn’t mean that classic cuts should be worn exactly as 5, 10 or 15 years ago. A little detail changed now and then can really make a difference.

But you know what we like most about this trend of updating classics with modern touches? All these details changed are functional details. This means that a change made to a classic hairstyle for men isn’t made just for the sake of it, but it’s carefully designed to make people look better and to flatter them as much as possible.

This is what makes 2019 perhaps the best year yet in the history of men hairstyles. Here are our top 10 favorites. Browse through and take your pick.

1. The Carefree Medium Long Textured Hair

The Carefree Medium Long Textured Hair

A look of liberty and a devil-may-care attitude will never go out of fashion, and this is why this hairstyle won’t, either. Whether you opt for the goatee and the man scarf to match it for a complete hipster look is up to you, but the hairstyle can complement other looks as well.

If you have straight hair and would love to give your hair more volume and freedom, this is the look for you.

2. Man Braids with a Long Top and Shaved Sides

Man Braids with a Long Top and Shaved Sides

Braids have been popping into trendy men hairstyles for a couple of years now, and the style is still going strong. We personally like this trend a lot, it reminds us of tribal, nomadic, pagan hairstyles and few things can be more attractive than this.

3. The Curly Jon Snow Hairstyle

The Curly Jon Snow Hairstyle

The Game of Thrones star has been at the height of celebrity for quite a few years now, and his popularity verge doesn’t seem to slow down. He has been deemed a style icon for men, and rightly so. The latest inspiration he prompted is in a perfume, the new Dolce and Gabanna One fragrance.

His hairstyle couldn’t be any less inspirational. During the years the show has been running, the number of men with curly hair that had let their locks grow probably tripled. And it’s for good reason, wouldn’t you say?

4. The Bad Boy Hairstyle of Garret Hedlund

The Bad Boy Hairstyle of Garret Hedlund

Garret Hedlund is all that pops to our minds when it comes to a bad boy’s haircut. Since any year and any fashion has its bad boys, this is the haircut of the moment if you’re into this kind of look.

5. The Modern Shaggy Pompadour Cut

The Modern Shaggy Pompadour Cut

The classic Pompadour is beginning to feel tired. It has had its spotlight for a couple of years in a row now, and needs a little change in order to remain fresh. This is the change we’ve all been waiting for. Keeping the top of the haircut shaggy looking and almost unkempt simply sets it free.

Let your hair go free, out of the confines of the classic Pompadour convention and you’ll have one of the coolest men hairstyles of the year.

6. The Long Boho Bangs with Short Sides and Back

The Long Boho Bangs with Short Sides and Back

Another unruly hairstyle that will make statement, this look with wild long bangs is among the coolest men hairstyles for the year. It’s not necessarily classy, but it has that bad boy je ne sais quoi that will make heads turn.

You know what else goes perfectly with this haircut? Self-confidence and a relaxed attitude. Even if you don’t have them in the beginning, the hairstyle will give them to you after a while.

7. Icy Blue Streak Layered Short Haircut

Icy Blue Streak Layered Short Haircut

A touch of blue in men hairstyles has started occurring more and more. It’s either frosted blue tips on a spiky haircut, or a faded ombre blue and so on. Our favorite haircut with a blue touch has to be this streak of icy blue in a mass of very light platinum blonde hair.

If your hair is not blonde but you’d still like to try this look, we say go for it and bleach it. It’s worth it!

8. Gray Messy Hair with Contrasting Beard

Gray Messy Hair with Contrasting Beard

Grey hair has been the ultimate epitome of coolness for trending women’s hairstyles in the past 2-3 years. Also, naturally grey hair has always been the mark of a sophisticated gentleman. It was finally time that stylists put two and two together.

This amazingly dyed but classy look gives your entire hair an elegant color touch, and the contrast between the hair color and the beard makes it extremely interesting. If you think you’d enjoy sporting a remarkable hairstyle that will get you noticed, you should totally choose this. It will become one of the most inspirational hairstyles for men in 2019.

9. White Underlights Medium Hair

White Underlights Medium Hair

The subtle white underlights of this hairstyle gives a ton of texture and volume to a haircut that would otherwise be pretty common. Also, even though it involves altering your natural hair color, it doesn’t stand out as strongly and artificially as other colored hairstyles for men.

If you’re looking for a change, for something to take your hair way out of the ordinary, but which is still demure and classic looking, this is the one for you. As it happens, it’s also our personal favorite, out of this entire list of hairstyles we love.

10. The Jamie Dornan Short Curly Hairstyle

The Jamie Dornan Short Curly Hairstyle

A list of the hottest men hairstyles for 2019 couldn’t be complete without Jamie Dornan. If your hair is also naturally curly, we urge you to try this look for yourself. It’s tamed enough to be a good fit even in a corporate environment with a formal dress code, but also immediately remarkable.

The subtly unruly look of the curly locks is enough to make any guy stand out in a casually elegant kind of way.