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Dress For Success: The Right Shirt Style For the Office

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Dress For Success: The Right Shirt Style For the Office

Business culture has grown a lot more casual over the years. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see office workers attired in clothing that amounts to scarcely more than street fashion. Yet this doesn’t mean “dressing for success” has gone the way of the dinosaur. That may in fact prove to be an excellent career boosting strategy.

Personally, I like to put a fair bit of thought into selecting shirts to wear at the office. After your face, your shirt tends the be the part of you that people will notice upon meeting you. It’s a banner for who you are. So it makes sense to design your overall look around the shirt that you wear.

Image by Awais Mughal from Pixabay

But shirt selection is elementary, you may protest! I wouldn’t be too sure about that. For the office, you will want to choose the right dress shirt, one whose style is not breezily casual yet not overweeningly formal. If you’re an upwardly mobile young professional, you might also want a look that’s carefully balanced between hip and conservative.

Your current situation may influence how you plan to look. If you are still in the early stages of establishing yourself, you may want to take your cues from your boss. Not necessarily your supervisor, but your department head or office manager—or whoever is the big fish in your pond. If this boss likes to dress rather informally, you may want to emulate that style, at least initially.

Once you feel established, you can start dressing more aspirationally. You probably don’t want to have a huge gap in your style level compared to the rest of the office. But it won’t hurt to stand out a hair, and look damn good doing so! Invest in your office wardrobe and order some quality slim-fit dress shirts.

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